Sights from Sunday


After I blogged this morning Ben crawled out of bed and we took a nice 4 mile walk. During breakfast we talked about rearranging our living room furniture. Right now the set up makes the room feel more open, but it’s not comfy. We debated what’s better and went with comfy. Three hours later the living room had a makeover, we cleaned all the nooks and had a big pile of books … [Read more...]

Whole Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie with Stars


Yesterday I played it pretty low key and relaxed most of the day away in the air conditioning. I usually only turn it on for an hour during the week but Ben had it on half the day because of the heat wave! I finally headed out for errands around 4pm and made a stop at Whole Foods to refill my precious Bragg’s liquid aminos and got dinner. I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie … [Read more...]