Whole Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie with Stars

Yesterday I played it pretty low key and relaxed most of the day away in the air conditioning. I usually only turn it on for an hour during the week but Ben had it on half the day because of the heat wave!

I finally headed out for errands around 4pm and made a stop at Whole Foods to refill my precious Bragg’s liquid aminos and got dinner.IMG_6600 (800x533)

I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie from the bakery case for dessert. I know I’ve tried their vegan cookies, but couldn’t remember when was the last time I had the “Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie” as they label it.IMG_6605 (800x533)

I haven’t reviewed a chocolate chip cookie in a while so I thought I’d take this cookie seriously. I try to take all my desserts and blog posts as serious as possible Winking smileIMG_6617 (800x533)

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Criteria:

One a scale from 1 to 5

Presentation: 3 – Plastic baggie, self serve. Shouldn’t whole foods have some organic hippie bag that actually makes the Earth better when you bury it?

Size: 5 – Perfect!

IMG_6612 (800x533)

Thickness: 4 – Good thickness, but didn’t have the ‘bite’ I was expecting from it. IMG_6607 (800x533)

Amount of Chips: 3 – It looked like it had a good amount, but a few bites had zero chips, not okay.

Overall Taste: 3.5 – Good, but something was missing from it. I’m not sure if it was too buttery or not sweet enough or what, but I wasn’t in love.

Other:  Loved the size and thickness from the appearance so my expectations were somewhat high. Ended up being just okay. I wouldn’t get it again, there are a lot of other pastries in that case that were calling me and are probably better than this one.

Eat me!IMG_6622 (800x533)

I started falling asleep around 9:30pm and hit the sack. Then, around 11pm Ben was rustling around and woke me up. I forgot he wanted to go see the Meteor Shower. We got up and drove out to a local campsite to check it out.

We had to drive out of the ‘burbs because the light pollution made it impossible to even see one star from our house.IMG_6637 (800x532)

It was the Perseid Meteor Shower <- you can read science stuff there.

We got to the camp site, parked and leaned up against the car for an hour watching for shooting stars. I saw about 4 of them!!!

I also downloaded the Google Sky app – you point it up and it has all the stars and planets labeled in the direction you’re looking. Amazing.IMG_6655 (800x533)

We got home around 1am and I was wide awake?!$@>@ Boo. I had a bowl of cereal and watched Locked up Raw (the only non-infomercial option!) until I felt like I as was ready to sleep.

I wanted to sleep in, but my body clock still has me up and blogging at 7:30am. Not sure what’s on tap for today…

Question: Can you see stars in the night sky from where you live? Have you ever seen a shooting star?


  1. says

    I knew Apple had a sky map app of sorts but didnt realize that there was one for Android! Yay!! I just moved here so I am not sure yet. I forgot to check last night…maybe tonight if it is not too late I will do some star gazing :)

  2. says

    I thought of you and your best chocolate chip cookie search the other day when I had what I think is the best one ever in Provincetown, MA. It was good size, perfect chocolate chip to cookie ratio, and served warm and melty (it might have been because it was 90*, but oh well it was sooo good).

  3. Sarah says

    One year in college, my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I drove north into Canada to camp. We got a secluded spot on a beach on Kootenay Lake, and layed out on the pebbly shore late into the night watching the meteors. We must have seen at least 50! It was like something out of a movie… Until we forgot to put our garbage up and had a late night visit from a raccoon and then a skunk.

  4. says

    A few time I have seen shooting stars while walking Pickles at night. I always make a wish. I usually forget my wishes when he attempts to chase a rabbit so I’m not sure if they every come true! Life’s good so I guess they do work!

  5. says

    Have you tried the whole foods dessert case brownie?? I die. I can’t ever walk by the dessert case without getting one. It’s hard being me. But I hear you on the cookie.

  6. says

    I guess I took for granted that we can see the stars every night – from our back yard. I have seen a few shooting stars, but never 4 in one night. That’s awesome and I’ll definitely have to check out that app!
    PS – Love your blog! :)

  7. says

    Where I live right now – I can see them well enough, but they’re not too bright. My parents live out in the country, so I love looking at the stars out there. Tomorrow I’m going camping for a few days, so lots of star-seeing for me. :-)

  8. says

    I have always lived in cities with too much light pollution to see stars…I grew up in Manhattan! But I saw a shooting star once in Arizona and it was magical.

  9. says

    I saw a shooting star once …it was so cool…and yes, we can see the stars from our backyard. Yea, I never thought that others couldn’t? That must be odd?

  10. Glenn says

    It is always good to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie once in a while, but I agree that there is no need to buy a mediocre one. Whole Foods is great for a lot of things, but for homemade goodness, it is usually best to find a local bake shop.

  11. says

    That Google Sky App sounds cool, I’ll have to try that. Whole Food used to have a yummy Vegan Everything Cookie, but I haven’t seen it there the past few months. Guess I’ll pass on their chocolate chip cookies now. :(

  12. says

    That’s a huge cookie!!! I take the stars for granted since I live in the country. I have seen about 10 falling stars, but I used to go looking for them when I was about a senior in high school. :) I hope you made some good wishes!!

  13. says

    Appearances are so deceptive! I would have thought given the size, it would be fantastic. BTW, I hada double choc fudge cake for dessert yesterday – my sis’ birhtday cake. I’m still dreaming about it.

  14. Megan says

    That t-shirt is so cute(!!), so I can see why you want to wear it, but…you’re not a vegetarian. I don’t know, I just think if you’re going to wear something announcing you’re part of a group, especially one that’s often based in ethical choices, you should probably actually be part of that group.

  15. says

    Fortunately, the bakery across the street from our apartment has great chocolate chip cookies. The kind of place that puts your fresh baked cookies in the white box with the red and white string. After a few miles, I know I have earned one. It is okay to treat yourself.

  16. says

    BEST COOKIE EVER= Specialtys in San Francisco. No joke, i would sell a kidney for one of their cookies. theyre HUGE, crispy on the edges, doughy in the middle, and lost of chocolate chunks.. yum.

  17. says

    Ohhhh my gosh Whole Foods has the best monster cookie ever and they also have a chocolate one that is kind of hard on the outside but super soft and thick and huge on the inside…wait what? Yes I’m talking about a cookie. To die for.

      • says

        The ones at my WF are literally called ‘monster cookies’ in the cases probably by where you got your chocolate chip one! My location has usually 8-12 varieties of cookies on any given day…I bet if they don’t have them at your store you could kindly request they start carrying them :)

          • says

            Though I am a monster cookie purist and believe they SHOULD all contain M&M’s, the ones at WF don’t :( but it doesn’t make them any less delicious. They look like big huge oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, nuts, and PB in them. Maybe I need to venture out there and get some with you…yep. Booking a flight now!

  18. Cheryl says

    Umm…..you need to try the NEW Chocolate Chunk Cookie at Chick Fil A. Not sure if you have Chick Fil A, but I know you come here to the Sunshine State to see the Hubs fam, and WE have Chick Fil A!! Anyhoo, I digress..this cookie? It is is large, the right ratio of crunchy to chewy, and they serve it WARM. Oh. So. Good. Call me when you come visit and I will take you to the nearest Chick Fil A, and I will make sure we pass at least TWO Dunkin Donuts so you can get your caffiene on!! THAT is a delicious road trip!
    : )

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