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Happy Monday!

First off, can I say that I LOVED the Spice Girls on the Olympic Closing Ceremonies last night?! Love. I can still remember dancing around to their music with my cousin in my old old house wlEmoticon smile6 New Target Capris spice girls thumb New Target Capris(souce via Leon Neal/ AFP / Getty Images)

I also love the See’s Candy sucker I found at the bottom of my purse. Enjoyed while watching the show wlEmoticon smile6 New Target CaprisIMG 6706 800x600 thumb New Target Capris


The heat wave is still going strong in Southern California, so when I spotted a pair of running capris that are 1 inch shorter than my “regulars” I had to have them. Hey, that one inch may be the difference between a great run and death by sweat.IMG 6712 600x800 thumb New Target Capris

I know what you’re thinking… “why don’t you just wear shorts?”

A: Because my thighs rub together. A lot.

Oddly enough, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my legs enjoyed the chubby toddler look so much they never grew out of it.

Own it, mini-Monican. Own it. mini monican thumb New Target Capris

Anyway, the Target capris are a win! I like them.IMG 6713 600x800 thumb New Target Capris

They’re the ones with the slight design like so…IMG 6717 600x800 thumb New Target Capris

I’m also still digging my Brooks Pure Project shoes.  IMG 6716 600x800 thumb New Target Capris

I showed some restraint yesterday at TJ’s and didn’t buy a jar of sunflower seed butter because I have 2 open jars of nut butter at home.  Luckily, I found this while scrounging around…IMG 6719 800x600 thumb New Target Capris

Run is done. Breakfast is done. Blogging is done. Time to get to work!usain bolt olympics monday sports ecards someecards thumb New Target Capris

Skinny Runner has a great post up today on How To Be Blonde Blog. I’m pretty sure she invented blogging, running and the internet so you should go hear her out.

Question: What was your weekend highlight?


  1. Amanda says

    Running skirts (athletic cut) they have built in shorts underneath that won’t ride! I promise I have the same thigh rubbing issues and once I decided to buy one I will never go back to anything else. Sooo Comfy and cute!

  2. says

    I’ve seen some cool running capri’s during races on people who clearly had no chub or rub. Lucky them. I’m a bermuda short compression runner, they have some of those at Target too. I am on a no nut butter two weeks because of overdoing it the past 4 weeks. I’ll miss it but it needs to be done! Ha.

  3. LE says

    Please try some Body Glide. If your shorts fit properly and are good quality (don’t buy them too large, trying to camoflauge the size of your hips/thighs. don’t buy them with cutesy piping.) chafing shouldn’t be a big problem. Stop freaking out about what everyone thinks about your thighs. Truth be known, most everyone is not thinking about them at all.

    • says

      OK, the editorializing wasn’t necessary (people…geeze), but yes – just get good shorts and use body glide. My thighs also rub together, and there is no way that I’m wearing any more clothing than necessary in DC in the summer.

    • says

      Thanks LE, I don’t give an F what anyone thinks about my thighs, but they rub and it’s uncomfortable. I have plenty of running shorts that fit, and used to wear them all the time. But since discovering capris, it’s better down there :)

      • kaycee says

        wear what makes you feel comfortable. i can take heat over some clothing/ gear related discomfort any day. i have certain things that work for me. when i found them, i bought multiples and called it done. i still read reviews for ideas, and sometimes go to the dark side and try something new, but i really am happiest in my heavily edited running clothes/ gear.

  4. says

    I have the thigh rub problem and can’t run in shorts. So, I found the best skirts from Brooks. They have a rubber gripper short underneath that doesn’t move! But I know some girls aren’t the running skirt type. :)

    LOVE the ecard!! And yes, I have to agree. Come on 5pm!

  5. Julie says

    I like your new capris. I wear the same style to run for the same reasons. It’s very important to be comfy when running!

  6. Jen says

    I have the EXACT same problem with the chub rub. I have tried a TON of running shorts that everyone else with thigh rub problems love and they inevitably ride up, require pounds of body glide, and drive me insane. The rubber grips on the inner part of the short are the ONLY reason I am able to wear shorts: The shorts don’t ride up at all and I don’t have to wear body glide. I have a pair of ironman tri shorts that fit the bill and these Xersion brand shorts from JCP are AMAZING. I now have three pairs.

  7. Corina says

    I have the same problem and I am totally a capri person because of it. It’s just more comfortable than dealing with Body Glide.

    Maybe if I keep running for 7000 I could pull off that pink dress Baby Spice is wearing. Excuse me, I’m going to go daydream about that…

  8. Kelly says

    Running in shorts is just not for some of us! :) No matter if the shorts fit perfectly or not. Body Glide is great but it is of no use to me in that department unless it is for a very short run. It just doesn’t last long enough for the longer runs, especially if it’s hot and sweaty out. I would like to try some of the Bermuda compression shorts some day, they seem like they may be cooler and chafeless option.

  9. says

    OMG! I don’t wear skirts for that very reason!! I have always had thighs that rub together and chaffing is awful. (TMI? I don’t think so..ha!)

    I stick to longer capris too…my knee fat is ugly…however, I have been known to wear a certain Target short lately b/c it has been so hot and these shorts don’t creep up to cause the dreaded thigh chaff. ;-) Hmmm…maybe you should try them??? They have undies in them and are by Champion I think…white netting on the sides and a splash of blue or neon yellow and gray.

    Thank me later girl…ha!

  10. says

    I love those capris! God bless you for getting out there and running in this heat…I’m from Florida so you’d think I’d know how to handle this weather but I’m a big baby and just want to sit inside in my PJs all day!

  11. says

    Running skirts were the answer for my chub rub. I own two Brooks skirts that I LOVE! Even ran my PR/BQ marathon (no, I have not stopped thinking or talking about this marathon from over a month ago!) in one and no chaffing at all.

  12. says

    I used to love shorts and then when I started wearing capris I completely converted. I never “felt” my thighs rubbing before with the shorts, but ever since I can’t stop thinking about it when I wear shorts!

  13. says

    What is this heat all the California bloggers keep referring to? I’m in Missouri and until this week it was straight up 100+ for a month with humidity. Is it like that there?

  14. says

    ohhh my lord, I know what you mean with the thighs rubbing together. I wish I could wear running shorts, but I would get horrible rashes if I did. *sigh*. Oh well, those capris are adorbs. Must get myself a pair :)

  15. Daphne says

    Oh gosh, you took me back about 30 years when I was a child staying at my aunt’s house for a few days. This older man with some issues was visiting them. When he saw me, he said “Pretty girl. Chubby legs.” My weight’s been all over the map – fat, really thin, and somewhere in between. But my legs will always, always be chubby. But hey, at least I’m pretty.

  16. says

    My legs together a lot but I can’t run in capris all summer! Too hot in New Orleans for that! I have run in Athleta Bermuda Prestos and I just got a pair of RRS 8 inch compression shorts. I really like the style and feel like they keep my legs protected but also keep me from getting too hot.

  17. says

    I always feel better in longer shorts to avoid the chub rub, but I swear I feel cooler with an above the knee style. The 9″ active compression shorts from Old Navy are my current favorite this summer. Long enough to totally eliminate the rub!

    Anyway, worth checking out for the price, I think. :)

  18. says

    Lovee targets workout clothes. I’ve never had a problem with anything i’ve bought, and even better… it’s not too expensive :) Win Win for sure!!

  19. says

    Thanks for the review of the capris. I was considering buying them the last time I was in Target and talked myself out of it by asking myself, “Do you REALLY need ANOTHER pair of capris?” Apparently, I do.

    I also loved the Spice Girls reunion. Their songs have been playing in my head all morning!

  20. Jenna says

    I have those same running shoes and I LOVE them. Definitely buying another pair when these ones get burned out!

  21. says

    I agree with Sam above. I do think the Spice Girls were better than they used to be, they all looked way better that’s for sure. I thought they looked gorgeous! I particularly liked the London Cabs with the led.s on them, they worked great in their act. Monica, you were the cutest toddler I think I have EVER seen!

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