Where Am I Going to Live


Well well well, looks like weight loss and/or my eating disorder is the hot topic of the day! I spent the morning wallowing in my own self pity over it… and working. I have a job now so I don’t have as much time to read comments about how awesome I am or how I’m a gluttonous c-word. It made me so emotional I dove head first into this bag of PopCorners – Cheesy Jalapeno … [Read more...]

Diet Bet Results–I didn’t Win or Lose


I joined Sarah Fit’s Diet Bet 4 weeks ago. Everyone who wanted to “play” put in $15 and was challenged to lose 4% of their weight. For me that was 6.5 pounds. Yes, it was a lot. My weight has been up since January, hence the reason why I wanted to join in the first place. The bet started on July 18th, a Wednesday. I didn’t weigh in the first week out because I was on my … [Read more...]