Postponed the FroYo

Reader Rochelle from Australia reached out to me ages ago that she’d be in town this week and wanted to meet up. We’ve been emailing back and forth for so long I was happy to finally meet her today!

We met at Pinkberry for fro-yo, but since it was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten I grabbed a WF salad from next door. IMG_6743 (800x600)

It was so cool to chat with a reader from the other side of the world! It was like we were old friends, except I don’t speak Aussie. She taught me that they call tank tops – singlets and you’re only supposed to spread a little Vegemite on your toast.

Now I know everything I need to know for a trip Down Under! Well, not everything, but what I lack in knowledge I make up for in enthusiasm!

Thanks Rochelle (and her doll of a little girl). IMG_6747 (600x800)

She even brought me a present = sunflower seed butter and MY FAVORITE PROTEIN POWDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_6746 (800x600)

I got a special delivery in the mail today too! Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Chobani, I give a quick review in the Ask a Monican below.IMG_6750 (800x600)

Dinner was a salad and a frozen meal. Ben and I shared this straight out of the Tupperware he used to make it. Smile <- the smiley face is because he made the salad.IMG_6756 (800x600)

I made sure to leave room for dessert. After spending an hour in Pinkberry I had fro-yo on my mind into the afternoon. I usually “save” fro-yo for a weekend treat and tried not to get too crazy with it. $2.45 = moderation in my world. image

Ask a Monican #42 – Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk review and how/should I train in the Canadian winter?!

Chime in with your thoughts ya feel like it!


  1. Caroline says

    only $2.45? Is that possible!! I’m impressed! I usually can’t leave a fro yo place without being under $10….woops!

  2. Kate says

    Glad you had a happy face day, not a sad/mad face day.
    But wait…you sat at a froyo place foe an hour and you didn’t have any froyo?
    This is a feat unknown! Nobody can resist the power of the froyo!

  3. says

    I’ve been waniting to try that yogurt! Is it the same as the Chobani Champions chocolate yogurt?
    $2.45 is serious moderation. I think $2.45 is usually the price of just my toppings!
    Have a good Friday.

  4. says

    if its really cold outside, cover every single part of your body/face. areas that aren’t covered – lube them up with vasoline! i’ve done runs in -36*C (not sure what that is in F, but it’s freaking freezing) and survived. Oh – and if you carry water, carry it inside your jacket because it will freeze!!!
    can’t wait to hear why you’re asking about canadian winter training!!!

    • says

      Hi Andrea –
      The ScotiaBank half marathon is at the end of April and is at Jean-Drapeau Park. It is a great race to train for to get you through the winter training. I did it this year and it is a good course and really helped motivate me to run through the winter.

      Hope you have fun running this winter! (and I’ve done a few posts on winter layers if you’re interested – I can email them to you if you want)

  5. Rochelle says

    Yay! So happy i got the right protein powder! Seriously I was staring down protein powders for like 10 mins trying to remember. Was so cool to meet you, your just as sweet in person as your readers would think, will get in contact next time i come xxx

  6. says

    thats great you guys got to meet up!!

    so…i just tried the choc chunk chobani and its pretty good. it was a little too sweet for me to be honest. but not bad!

  7. Alison says

    Hi Monica,
    I don’t often disagree advice in ASK A MONICAN but today I do…. I live is Canada North/EAST on Montreal in EASTERN CANADA and LOVE LOVE LOVE to run in the winter…. First I will say the she was talking about -20 degrees Celsius… I have trained a number of people to race the Hypothermic Half and everyone always has a blast… I always recommend that if it’s your first half use it the training for A)keep you running through the winters (I have changed many a winter runners hatred for winter running lover) B)You can use this to start to build your base and in February start to train for a spring race your long runs will come manly after it gets warm….Join a running group they will have lots of advice, encouragement and you will have many laughs… You will feel like a champion on race day….. Good luck and please start training the Hypothermic Half is a great race…. if it’s your first you will have a great time. Don’t worry it’s safe to run in the winter just check out a local running store… and your lungs can’t freeze!

    • says

      I’m with Alison. I ran through the winter in Alaska for several years, with about a month worth of -40F/-40C temperatures each Dec/Jan. Here are a couple of tips:
      1. Keep running as it gets colder. Your body will acclimate as the temperatures drop and will make it more tolerable than just diving in later.
      2. Forget about paces. Running in the cold requires your body to spend more energy just staying warm. Accept the slowdown.
      3. Cover your skin. For my runs at -40, I ran with a neoprene face mask AND a fleece balaclava. It makes breathing more difficult through the fabric, but it will warm the air before it enters your lungs.
      4. Some people split their long runs in half. Do half in the morning, go in eat a hot lunch and grab a shower, then hit the second part later. This isn’t “wimping out”, your legs will still remember those earlier miles.
      5. Buy your running shoes 1/2 size up to accommodate 1-2 layers of thick wool socks (I love Smartwool). If they are too tight, they won’t keep your feet warm. You could consider trail shoes or strap on spike devices for better traction in the snow.
      6. Just have fun doing it! Part of the motivation I used was a new cold temperature record. Mine is -49F (-45C). What huge bragging rights you’ll win!! :) The other part was frosty eyebrows. They are sooo fun (check out the photo) :

  8. says

    I live near Chicago, and run through the winter. While last winter was “mild” and only got down to 12 degrees F (-11 C), I learned some good lessons about cold weather running.
    – Find a running group. Knowing someone will call you out for being a wuss and skipping your run will motivate you! Also it’s safer in case you slip and hurt yourself, or are running in the dark since the days are shorter – safety in numbers.
    – If you are running in the dark – wear reflective gear and lights! You want to see and also be seen.
    – Wear layers. Once you get moving, you might actually get warm. That includes layering gloves and hats. Don’t layer socks though – that will increase your risk of blisters.
    – When there is snow on the ground, usually the sidewalks are spotty with snow and ice and now safe. So I wait until the plows have cleared the streets, I put on the brightest colors possible, and run in the side streets that don’t get much traffic. I only do this during daylight hours.

    I wrote a couple posts about winter running:

  9. Jazz says

    Ugggh,, Winter in lots of Canada is child’s play!! When I lived in Ontario I thought -20 was cold..Come on over to Saskatchewan and run in -40.. ( which is also -40 F… that’s how cold it is!) Then you’ll be set!

  10. Lara says

    Hey, I live in Australia too! I never have to worry about running in the ‘cold’. On a chilly mid-winters morning I may put long sleeves on 😉 Also, this is totally un-Australian but Vegemite really does taste as bad as it looks!

  11. says

    This post makes me want a WF salad and sunbutter pronto!!!! A very well kept secret about myself…after my first marathon all I wanted was froyo and mine alone cost nearly $12….about that moderation…

  12. Sarah Garner says

    I just want you to know that I love reading your posts – EVERYDAY!! The good, bad and ugly!! I’ve searched for just the right blogs and took some time doing it and my top 2 are you and skinnygirl, not even knowing you two knew each other! Thanks for your honesty!

  13. Sara says


    Just wanted to chime in on cold-weather running advice for your reader! I live in Pittsburgh which is probably not quite as cold, but it can be! I trained for my first half this last winter/spring and it wasn’t that bad! I honestly much prefer training in 15 degree weather to 90 and humid. I “run hot” though, and sweat like crazy even in the winter.

    I’d say maybe wait on the hypothermic half since this would be your first, but sign up for a spring marathon, that way your serious high-mileage training doesn’t kick in until it warms up a bit.

    It can be done, though–within reason! Use the treadmill when you can, avoid ICE more than snow, and dress in layers! Base layer, warm layer, outer shell like a jacket, long tights (fleece lined ones like Nike makes saved me last winter!) and make sure to cover your ears and hands most of all!

    Good luck!

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