Four Miles in Four Hours


The day started off optimistic, I packed up an iced coffee and went to pick up Skinny Runner for a drive down to San Diego. Later that iced coffee would wreck my stomach and that was the high point of my day… Long story short – we spent 4 hours in the car because of two major accidents. The traffic was bumper to bumper and we were only 1 exit from where we started after an … [Read more...]

If Kim Does It…


Breaking News: Kim Kardashian went to Yogurtland 3 times in 3 days. See?! If this is what it takes to maintain a booty the boys love, then I’m all in too. (source) Yesterday afternoon I grabbed Panera for lunch. I tried their new-to-me chopped cobb with avocado (hold the bacon). It was good, but I wanted more egg and less blue cheese. They did hook up the avocado though!!! … [Read more...]