Four Miles in Four Hours

The day started off optimistic, I packed up an iced coffee and went to pick up Skinny Runner for a drive down to San Diego. Later that iced coffee would wreck my stomach and that was the high point of my day…

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Long story short – we spent 4 hours in the car because of two major accidents. The traffic was bumper to bumper and we were only 1 exit from where we started after an hour?!IMG 6786 800x600 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

Then, we saw a motorcycle guy serve to avoid getting hit, crash and fall right on the side of us! It was very scary, but he was able to stand right up and no one else got hurt.

SR tried to use my smart phone to find an alternate route, but we finally decided to give up and go home. We had to call it a loss on the race, but we’ll each run on our own tomorrow to at least get in the miles. She’s running the NY Mary too!!!

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After hours in the hot car with no sustenance we needed lunch.

But, we’re on the Kim Kardash diet = eat Yogurtland everyday so we made the necessary stop.IMG 6799 600x800 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

I kept it nutty and fruity.

IMG 6791 800x600 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

IMG 6792 600x800 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

SR refused to smile. I think she was sick of 4 hours of me insisting we play Truth or Dare in the car. We know more about each other than either one of us would care to admit.

IMG 6794 800x600 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

How can you not smile when you have fro-yo?!

IMG 6795 800x600 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

I made the necessary stops on the way home – pickles and watermelon.Stay tuned for a special Water Pickle Salad Recipe coming tomorrow!!!

IMG 6801 800x600 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

Ben and I spent the evening cleaning and painting the base boards in the living room.

No, we didn’t paint them with Mexican yogurt – we just used that as the paint can.

IMG 6803 800x600 thumb Four Miles in Four Hours

See you later!

Q: Does too much coffee/iced coffee ever mess up your stomach? 

I’m usually fine, but this week it’s been bugging me.


  1. says

    it will totally mess with my stomach if I drink too much on an empty stomach….maybe you just needed some filler food…like toast/bagel stuff. ;-)

    And I hate long car rides traveling inches by the hour….feel for ya!

  2. says

    I think the problem could be the ice – my grandma and most Chinese folks believe our bodies are not meant to take in cold drinks. Never had any probs with coffee and I take them hot.

  3. Amy says

    Hmmm… The only time coffee has ever bothered me was when I was pregnant with each of my boys. I am a heavy coffee addict but couldn’t even stand the smell while pregnant.

  4. Wendy says

    Coffee messes my stomach up frequently. I love it but thats why I dont drink it too often. The picture of SR with the froyo totally cracks me up. Love reading both your blogs!

  5. Robin says

    Really caffeinated coffee gives me the shakes and messes with my stomach. While pregnant I only drink decaf and never have issues. I do remember that during certain times of my cycle (I don’t think you really have issues with TMI here, yes?) it seemed to get to me more than otherwise.

  6. says

    That is such a bummer about the race! I would have been seriously upset- you seem to have handled it well. Coffee doesn’t really bother my stomach, but I’ve really laid off it lately. I had a latte yesterday and was wired (and super productive) for four hours afterwards.

  7. says

    I drank an iced coffee in the philly airport mickey d’s… My plane ride to TN for RNR Nashville was horrible. 3 trips to the small plane toilet. Horirble. Lesson learned!!

  8. says

    I think I am reading your blog too much :p I was in Costco today and picked up a ginormous cantaloupe and thought of your blog haha.

    Thumbs up!

    • Cate says

      Sorry, third to last. Either way, please run lie you are actually training fr a marathon ( for which you were granted a free trip and entry and are not just like the masses if uninspirational FAT Americans. Do so something worthwhile

  9. says

    SoCal Traffic is so unpredictable. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, if there’s a bad accident or a drop of rain, It’s like we forget how to drive! That sucks that you had to spend hours in your car and turn back, but hopefully the FroYo eased it a little!

    As far as the coffee, I usually do okay if I have something to eat and do not drink my coffee too fast. I prefer hot coffee (even this past week, when it was in the 90’s!) over iced coffee. So I think that helps me drink it slowly.

    Good luck with your other runs!


  10. Steph says

    Yes, coffee in general can mess with my stomach but normally only if I’m stressed or anxious as well. My bet is the traffic and missing the run stressed you out, which caused the coffee not to sit well. I’ve been there!!

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