If Kim Does It…

Breaking News: Kim Kardashian went to Yogurtland 3 times in 3 days. See?! If this is what it takes to maintain a booty the boys love, then I’m all in too. kim at yland(source)

Yesterday afternoon I grabbed Panera for lunch. I tried their new-to-me chopped cobb with avocado (hold the bacon). It was good, but I wanted more egg and less blue cheese. They did hook up the avocado though!!! IMG_6761 (800x600)

My little brother joined me for lunch because my mom had an errand to do and needed a sitter sister for him. I ordered him the kid’s turkey sandwich and it was gross. It came with a slab of that weird “American” cheese on gummy white bread.IMG_6762 (800x600)

I also tried a bite of his cookie – it seemed like it wasn’t cooked all the way? Are their cookies always that soft??IMG_6763 (800x600)

At least they gave us extra bread! They must have known I carb load like it’s my job…IMG_6759 (800x600)

Then, I worked the afternoon away until Ben came home and we walked to dinner. We tried a new Mexican place and I got a fish salad. It came with a “homemade” spinach tortilla that was pretty amazing too.image

On the walk home we passed right by Yogurtland, and at the time didn’t realize Kim says it’s okay to go there every day. Sadly, I passed it up because I just went there yesterday Sad smile

I enjoyed some Cinnamon Chex for dessert later in the evening…IMG_6769

This morning I woke up and checked the Marathon Training schedule I had been eyeing for a while. I have been researching Hal Higdon’s plans this week and think I might switch from the Running Planet plan to his. The Running Planet plan seems a little high in junk miles for my body (example – two 6 mile runs at 10 min pace a week). IMG_6771 (800x600)


I am running a half marathon tomorrow.

I’m training for a full marathon in Nov.


Since the half tomorrow is not a goal race and I have not been training to run a strong half, it is not the priority. I should still do the plan’s run because Nov is more important.

Luckily, Higdon’s plan called for a 1 hour 30 minute run with a MGP finish. I decided to run the 1:30 and pace myself tomorrow at a strong marathon goal pace on tired legs.

I ran 10 miles in just under 1hr 30 minutes and am going to take it easy the rest of the day.

Truthfully, I am a little nervous because when I did the Fontana Half in June and the SD RnR half the next day I was very sore and mentally burnt out for weeks. <- I don’t think I’ve run a race since then because I was so ‘done’ with running!

But, I have my compression socks pulled up and I’m going to do my best. IMG_6776 (600x800)

Smoothie in a bowl pineapple cottage cheese container, served with a side of eggs.IMG_6773 (800x600)

I’m off to get my bib! See ya later Smile


  1. says

    That cookie looks very undone! Should have came with a side of cookie dough instead. I would go to a yogurt place every single day if I could. Esp. because most have Nutella. Perfection!

  2. says

    Well, if Kim K says it’s okay…
    The salad looks really good- guess I’ll have to make a date at Panera soon! Except I’d hold the blue cheese. Yuck.
    And the cookie does look underdone in the middle (I’m sure it still tastes good though!)
    Good luck on the race!

  3. Ida says

    If only we could all get paid as much as KK does to stop in to Yland….
    I’m a big fan of the runnersworld.com smart coach plans, they don’t have many junk miles and lots of good tempos and speed work thrown in.

  4. says

    The Chicken Cobb w/ Avocado is my FAVORITE thing to get at Panera. I love it! I always ask for it without cheese and bacon, though. I’ve never been to Yogurtland, they don’t have one where I live :(

  5. Coni says

    Thats my Yogurtland here in Hawaii Kai. I got a little territorial when I saw the pics! They are the BEST there!!

    Love the compression socks!!! I need to get those but havent seen them for purchase on island…

  6. says

    I’m going to wager that Kimmy K is getting paid a nice check by Yogurtland to stop in there so often…but you know, it IS yogurt so it’s probably a great idea to go every day :)

  7. says

    I did 10 hilly miles yesterday and just couldn’t pull it together this morning. 5.64km (how many miles is that? 3.2? 3.3?) and I was done.

  8. says

    Do you think she actually eats it all or does she just go there for a photo op? I just imagine that Kim K gets pictured and then throws away her full fro-yo cup :-) I’m very cynical when it comes to her! Shes’ looking amazing at the moment though.

  9. L.K says

    this is completely random but i have been reading your blog for a while so of course i know about your love for watermelon. well i just came across this article about square watermelon (it’s old so you may have already heard about them) but automatically thought of you and wanted to share it :) too bad they are so expensive!

    here’s the link: http://www.snopes.com/photos/odd/watermelon.asp

  10. Karen D says

    Where did you get your compression socks & which brand are they? (I need to get some that don’t make me look 85 years old).

    You look so cute!

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