Meatless Stuffed Peppers Recipe

This isn’t a recipe, this is a story about a passionate love affair…

ben and monica

About four years ago I met Ben and everything changed. It’s like I got a sneak peak into a part of the world that had been there all along, but I didn’t know about…

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The world of eggs, or huevos if you will Winking smile

Growing up my mom would make us eggs on the weekends, but it was never my favorite thing. But when I met Ben I met a man who puts eggs in and on everything. I’ve seen him chop up a leftover hamburger – bun and all, and make an egg scramble.

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At first I was horrified. But like any good partner in a co-dependent relationship, I decided to completely abandon who I was and follow suit.

Now I have the egg addiction too. Lately it’s been a little hot to eat eggs for breakfast, but I don’t want to go a day without them. So, tonight I made meatless stuffed peppers – with eggs as the protein.

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Tip: If you “knock” the peppers on the cutting board fairly hard the seeds fall out.

IMG_6855 (800x533)

The inside was a mix of: 1 can black beans, 1 can diced tomatoes (drained), green onions and tons of garlic, salt and tapatio. Then, I added 4 eggs and cooked it all up.

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While I cooked up the guts I roasted the peppers for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

IMG_6897 (800x533)

I stuffed each pepper, topped it with cheese and put it back in the oven until it was melted.

IMG_6907 (800x533)

After I eat the insides, I eat the rest with my hands…

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  1. says

    Now everyone is going to attack your egg eating habbits 😉

    I really love eggs too, but I saw a study the other day that basically said eating eggs was as bad as smoking (whoa) in terms of heart disease, I guess because of the cholesterol. I am of course skeptical because who really knows the history of the sample population, but still, that’s pretty harsh. Nonetheless, I’m still making omelets tonight but may use one yolk. Here’s the link for more info-

  2. Honey says

    The opening to this post was so tender and sweet. I hope to one day meet my own ‘Ben’! Btw, keep it up girl! Love reading your blog.

  3. Tia says

    That looks yummy! I keep meaning to make stuffed peppers! I really need to start a … Dinner next week list! Like I need another freakin list …

    That first picture of you and Ben is SO cute!!

  4. says

    I eat an egg every day too (sometimes 2, yolk and all) – plus a few whites. They’re a great source of protein and the yolk has choline, lutein, vitamin B, beta-carotene etc so it’s one of the most nutritious parts of the whole thing. Eggs have gotten a bad rep in the past but our body makes a LOT more cholesterol than the amount in 1 or even 2 yolks. Plus so many studies have shown that if your cholesterol levels are fine than there’s no harm in eating an egg a day… so I’m with that crowd and say go for it :)
    Saturated fat (primarily from animal sources) has a worse effect on our LDL cholesterol than dietary cholesterol…our body just adapts to it and makes less of the stuff itself. Plus we need cholesterol…to make Vit D, to provide structure to our cell membranes, and to make the all-important sex hormones…:)

    Sorry for the long nutrition lecture…I’m studying nutrition to be an RD…and love eggs:), so just wanted to provide some info on them!

  5. SaraRM says

    Ok with the love affair and egg talk in the beginning I thought you were about to announce youre having a baby egg haha!….. my bad.

  6. says

    I actually have a “fear” of eggs after having 1 soft boiled egg for breakfast every school morning until I left for college. So yeah college and work years were pretty much egg-free, oh maybe except a couple of times a year. I turned vegan 4 years ago…so no eggs.

  7. says

    i love eggs!! this is such a great idea!! i saw that article the other day too talking “badly” if you will about eggs…i havent decided if i believe it or not. clearly i dont yet since i had 2 for breakfast this morning..

  8. says

    oo sounds good! I actually hated eggs until recently, I decided to add them back into my diet because I wanted to try a hard boiled egg on Easter :p

  9. says

    Hold on. Hang on. You just changed my life with that pepper tip. I absolutely HATE pepper seeds because they get everywhere when you cut them! This seriously changed my life.. that sounds really weird, but it’s true. Oh and you and Ben are too cute for words! 😀

  10. says

    Looks yummy! I’m allergic to peppers, but I bet I could sub them with tomatoes, zucchini/squash, etc. and still get the same yummy meatless meal! Thanks for sharing- it never occurs to me to get creative in the kitchen, I’m usually more interested in just getting things cooked and on the table!

  11. Elizabeth R says

    We love stuffing veggies: tomatoes and peppers are our favorites! Love the idea of putting eggs in them. Gotta pin this one!

  12. says

    this is a great idea! i’ve seen so many stuffed pepper recipes amongst the blogging world but i love that this one uses eggs, because i love eggs. maybe i will actually attempt to make them!

    love the tip about the seeds, too…i hate cutting them for that reason. another bell pepper tip (that you may already know): bell peppers with the 3 parts when you look at the bottom are sweeter than the ones with 4

  13. Laura says

    My husband and I have a egg obsession too!! We go through about 3 dozen a week. Perhaps it’s time to look into getting my own chicken.

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