Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm


How’s it going?! Today I ate an early lunch while working so I could meet up with my new BFF Katie for a noon walk. I met Katie through SR who met her through Al Gore via the internet. Or something like that. I bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco on Sunday and randomly decided to weigh out 4 oz. for my salad. I underestimated how much 4 oz. of chicken would be and later … [Read more...]

Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday


Hello and Happy Tuesday! Last night Ben and I celebrated Margarita Monday while sitting outside. The SoCal heat is still alive and well and it’s cooler on our patio. A rep from Refine Mixers recently sent me three different flavors of their mixers to try. They are a zero calorie mixer sweetened with stevia! Ben cracked open all the flavors over the weekend so I’ve already … [Read more...]