Monica Tax


Hello! I just got home from my mom’s and wanted to do a quick check in After breakfast I drove down to work from my mom’s house. We don’t leave my little brother alone just yet, but he doesn’t really require a sitter. I was just there as a “responsible adult”, in theory at least. My brother’s GF gave me this mug. Apparently she thinks I need to calm the heck down. Thanks … [Read more...]

Rate of Perceived Exertion


Happy Wednesday! First, I have to share a pic of last night’s dinner – salmon and green beans. I didn’t add a carb since I snacked on a bunch of tortilla chips while cooking. Manager's special for the win!  Dessert was some Chobani Chocolate Chunk yogurt with almond slivers. I love it. Yesterday I had a good talk with Steve one of my fellow ING Class of 2012 teammates. He’s … [Read more...]