Green Eggs I’m a Ham


Okay, I have to wrap this up quick because I’m headed out to meet Ben for a fun D-date. Here’s my day so far in 28 seconds…. GO! This morning I ran to the gym… Breakfast - I celebrated Flapjack Friday! Yep, celebrated it so hard. Then I worked the morning away until I got a text asking if I could walk Skinny Runner’s dog at lunch. She came too. I’m the ham. Lunch –  … [Read more...]

Hey, Hey I’m Awake… Are you…


Happy Friday! Yesterday was pretty busy so I opted to go through email instead of posting about the lemonade I drank from our neighbor kid. But, I thought I’d share lest I be accused of my secret drinking (lemonade) problem. Plus, I thought you’d appreciate a nip shot from Ben. Ben played basketball during lunch at work so he opted out of joining me for an afternoon stroll. I … [Read more...]