Green Eggs I’m a Ham

Okay, I have to wrap this up quick because I’m headed out to meet Ben for a fun D-date. Here’s my day so far in 28 seconds…. GO!

This morning I ran to the gym…image thumb27 Green Eggs I’m a Ham

Breakfast – I celebrated Flapjack Friday! Yep, celebrated it so hard.IMG 7011 800x533 thumb Green Eggs I’m a Ham

Then I worked the morning away until I got a text asking if I could walk Skinny Runner’s dog at lunch. She came too.image thumb28 Green Eggs I’m a Ham

I’m the ham.ham sandwich thumb Green Eggs I’m a Ham

Lunch –  has the Green Eggs. finally fulfilled my avocado and hard boiled egg craving! IMG 7015 800x533 thumb Green Eggs I’m a Ham

This is my idea of Green Eggs and they’re delicious! Just use avocado instead of mayo, smash it up and season as usual.IMG 7017 800x533 thumb Green Eggs I’m a Ham

With a side of my favorite yogurt treat.IMG 7019 800x600 thumb Green Eggs I’m a Ham

And a completely off balance afternoon delight:image thumb29 Green Eggs I’m a Ham

See ya later wlEmoticon smile14 Green Eggs I’m a Ham


  1. JessicaE says

    Oh my gosh I LOVE those Rockstars!! They are my favorite energy drink. Too bad they are not in my budget lately. I love the sugar free Monsters too.

  2. Sameera says

    Here’s a recipe I thought you would enjoy! Crock Pot Chicken, lime, avocado and cilantro soup…..DELISH!

  3. says

    I like the avocado and egg idea. :) And I didn’t know they made that Chobani flavor in adult sizes now. I guess I can stop hoarding my boys’ ones. Ha. Happy Friday!

  4. Adriana L says

    I just tried the Chobani vanilla chocolate chunk and it was so good! Not sure if the flavor is different, but I had the Chobani Champions version – I think this will help me keep my portions under control. If I had a big tub of it, it could be trouble! The best part – topped it with some fresh cherries. Bulked up the portion and made it a really satisfying

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