Hey, Hey I’m Awake… Are you…

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was pretty busy so I opted to go through email instead of posting about the lemonade I drank from our neighbor kid. But, I thought I’d share lest I be accused of my secret drinking (lemonade) problem. Plus, I thought you’d appreciate a nip shot from Ben.IMG_6997 (600x800)

Ben played basketball during lunch at work so he opted out of joining me for an afternoon stroll. I walked 2+ miles while he made dinner. 

I said we needed to cook the zucchini and I wanted eggs, the rest was up to him. Well, he delivered! He sautéed the zucchini with potatoes and made me poached eggs. I added half an avocado and it was amazing.IMG_7006 (800x533)

This morning I ran to the gym, did a quick strength session and ran back. I’m guess it was about 3 miles round trip but my Garmin couldn’t find the satellite so I don’t really know. The marine layer was super thick this morning!!It reminded me of San Francisco…golden gate bridge run

Speaking of a NorCal… the other night I was watching an HGTV show that made me want to move to wine country and told Ben, “Don’t you think we should move to wine country?”

Um, he looked at me like he was going to kill me! Remember we just went through a big ol’ debate about moving up to Healdsburg and opted not to? Yeah. He said that ship has sailed… How quickly I forget!

Fun Friday Fings

I received both these watermelon pictures from readers this week…

They are very different, yet I love them both the same Smilerun eat repeat


Ben sent me this video because he says I wake up before him everyday and bug him to wake up just like this kitty bugs the puppy.

Hey, hey are you awake…kiss kiss”

I think we’re headed to Disneyland after work tonight! Our annual passes were blocked out until this week. But, I have a lot of work to do until then!!

Question: Ever have a lemonade stand? Buy lemonade from a kid?

I never had a lemonade stand, but when I was a kid I made book marks to raise money for ‘saving the manatees’. I’ve always been obsessed with manatees… <- and that’s why I married a boy from Florida Winking smile


  1. Maggie says

    We used to have Kool Aid Stands! OK, so that’s the same as my hubs and I, but he’s the one waking me up! Too funny.

  2. Mia says

    There is something seriously wrong with that puppy in the video. It’s like she’s drugged or something?
    I didn’t grow up in the states, we didn’t have lemonade stands.

  3. says

    Lemonade stands rock! I don’t see too many nowadays, but if I do, I always try to stop (unless I’m late to work or something). My sister and I did a lemonade stand when we were kids…I remember this guy in a red ferrari (sp?) stopping one time and he gave us $10 for a lemonade. At the time we were like, SCORE! But, now looking back I think 2 things – 1. The guys was a little creepy, 2. He had a ferrari and he could only spare $10?! What a cheapskate! :)

  4. says

    I seriously can’t remember if I ever had one or have ever bought from one. My mind is a total blank. But then maybe that isn’t just about lemonade stands…. 😉

  5. LiseyB says

    A few weeks ago my husband and I were out for a bike ride and rode past a couple little girls with a stand. I only had $10 in my pocket and they didn’t have enough change, so we rode a couple more blocks and went in to the corner store and bought a lottery ticket. We then rode back and gave them $2 bucks for 2 little cups of lemonade. They were thrilled since they were only charging 25 cents. Technically it cost me 6 bucks for that lemonade since the lottery ticket was 4 bucks and a loser at that! Oh well, I was a kid once. Their smiles were worth 6 bucks :)

  6. Emily says

    Manatees are my favorite animal, too! In second grade I “adopted” one and I’ve been obsessed ever since. In grade school my lovely friends used to tease me because my favorite animal was a “sea cow”.

  7. Emily says

    Growing up, we had prime lemonade stand property for the 4th of July. We lived several blocks from the waterfront, which had a huge festival and, of course, fireworks. People had to park far away and walk down, right by our delicious lemonade stand. Except it wasn’t that delicious because we mixed the lemonade concentrate with hose water to save time. But, in our defense, we offered home grown mint sprigs to garnish our juice.

  8. says

    Nice watermellon pictures!

    Yeah, I had a few lemonad stands when I was a kid. After watching Mary-Kate & Ashley’s ‘My First Video’ I was inspired to try and sell my brother at the stand too…My mom put a stop to that pretty fast!

  9. Kate says

    Hi Monica,

    I got a bunch of VitaTops on clearance at Target today and thought of you.
    I left 2 boxes because I didn’t want to be a hog-it-all.
    Good deed for the day: Done!

    Have a fun weekend.

  10. says

    I feel pretty mean. My cousin who lives across the street texted me and said “Allie is having a lemonade stand sale if you’re thirsty!” I look out my window and laid back down! Totally blew off the ice cold lemonade. My excuse…It wasn’t diet! Plus Chick-Fil-A’s DIET lemonade is the best. Needless to say, I am a jerk and I should have thrown a dollar at the 10 year old.

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