Disneyland with the Fam

Last night Ben and I met up with my mom and little brother at Disneyland. We all have passes that have been blocked out all summer and finally were able to go again.

I put some makeup on because I’ve been feeling so trashed lately.going to disneyland thumb Disneyland with the Fam

Disneyland Dinner – Grilled chicken salad and a few stolen fries…IMG 7020 800x600 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

My D date.

IMG 7022 800x600 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

The MatterhornIMG 7028 600x800 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

IMG 7027 600x800 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

IMG 7029 600x800 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

IMG 7031 600x800 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

IMG 7034 800x600 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

IMG 7036 800x600 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

Ice cream on Main Street wlEmoticon smile15 Disneyland with the FamIMG 7039 800x600 thumb Disneyland with the Fam

we scream for ice cream thumb Disneyland with the Fam

I just got back from a 15 mile run with the Sole Runners in Long Beach.  I ran with the Coach Steve then  Ben and I went to a Triple D place for brunch. The run and the brunch totally deserve it’s own post – coming soon!

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  1. Sarah says

    You could be the little mermaid!! The red hair and big beautiful eyes… If I ran into you at Disney, I might think you were Ariel!!

  2. sasha says

    i ran past the sole runners on my 10 this morning (i live in lb)! too bad i didn’t see you, i would have given you a gross, stinky high five.

  3. says

    I was just thinking how you could be Ariel for the Disney Parks and then I read Sarah’s comment and she and I were obviously in sync….Yes, your hair and make up/eyes look very nice for your outing..

    15 miles? Holy Hannah…I did 5 the other day and I was stoked! ha!

  4. says

    Seriously who looks that good for a day at Disney? Well done. I have always wanted to go to a triple D place and it’s just strange that I haven’t because I know there are many. My cousin was visiting once from NJ and got super excited looking them up around here.

  5. says

    So jealous!! I have wanted to go to Disneyland ever since I was… hmmm… well since I knew what it was. My parents told me they’d take me when my sister was potty trained… well my sister is now 21, and I am 30.

    Hopefully in a few years I can take my kids! I’d love to do one of their half-marathons!

  6. Brittany says

    1. You look super pretty!
    2. It’s nice to see you eating Disneyland food and ice cream. I also have a pass and get Dole whip and a corn dog 99% of the time I go.

  7. Leslie says

    Your little brother is such a cutie. It always looks like you guys have fun spending time with him. What sweet family memories your making.

  8. says

    Is that a choc mint ice cream? Golly…I’m so craving for one now. Am in hot, humid Songkhla for the Songkhla International Marathon. Ok, that’s it, gonna get that coconut pumpkin ice cream later!

  9. Lindsay says

    You looked so beautiful! I’m so jealous of the lack of humidity in CA…my hair would NEVER have kept those pretty curls with our 100% humidity here in SC. Ugh! Looks like you had fun and I want that ice cream!

  10. Tia says

    You’re flippin gorgeous… Like Wow.

    I agree with the above comment, makeup tutorial for sure, your eyes look killer!

  11. susan says

    Monica you always look beautiful, but you look exceptionally beautiful in all of these pics. I miss you friend!! I have been thinking about your email for the Vegas marathon, maybe i will join that running group so i can get in to running again. We will see!!

  12. says

    Where did you get that salad? We are going to Disney next week and I need some healthy ideas/places to offset the carmel corn/icecream debacle that will take place.

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