Sunday Recap and Monday Mini Goals

Happy Monday!

Let’s do a quick recap of yesterday…

I did 9 miles and wore my fuel belt instead of taking my hand held. Coach Steve thinks it throws off balance. I used to use this fuel belt for all my long runs until I got the hand held. I didn’t like it because it’s so heavy, but I only filled up 2 bottles and it was great!


Post-run: I refueled with a banana pancake and a chocolate chip pancake. I bought mini-chocolate chips this week and have been putting them in everything (like my mouth…)

IMG_7023 (800x533)

Then, I headed to my mom’s where I was greeted with tamales.


On the way over I text my mom the ingredients for Jenna’s Shrimp and Rice casserole so we could make it for dinner…

IMG_7077 (800x600)

Pan dulce for dessert…

IMG_7079 (800x600)

Then, we headed home where I stayed up too late watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am an addict. <- But, I didn’t eat anything while watching it, so that is a small victory for me Smile

Since I ran on Saturday and Sunday I’m taking today as a rest day from running – but it feels weird to my body.

Here’s my plan for the week:

  • Monday – walk, stretch
  • Tuesday – Speed work
  • Wednesday – Strength / yoga
  • Thursday – Tempo
  • In Florida:
  • Friday – Easy 4
  • Saturday – LR <- not sure what the family’s plans are so I’m not sure if I’ll have 3 hours to run.
  • Sunday – Rest.

I am leaving for Florida Thursday night and coming back Monday. So, I have a lot to get done before then! Aaaand I hope Isaac is gone by then?!?!?!?!


Monday Mini- Goals for 8/27/2012:

  • Plank a day, walk a day
  • Brush teeth at 8pm
  • Don’t let emails pile up

Question: What are you mini-goals for this week?


  1. says

    I’m currently on a bus on the way back to NYC after a weekend full of visiting friends/family and eating wayyy too much. My mini goals for today are get back on the clean eating train, run a few miles and plan my meals for the week! I really wanna try a fuel belt instead of handheld but worried about the heaviness for sure!

  2. says

    My goal for the week is just to stick to my plan (eats, training, etc). If I can do that, I’ll be very happy because there’s a lot going on.

    Also, I run with a camelback. I can’t do handhelds or fuel belts, but carrying liquids on my back seems to work just fine.

  3. says

    Since I …failed last week on some of my goals they remain somewhat the same: Use MFP to log all food/drink, prepare my mind & clothing for school to start (boo summer being done), plan teaching schedule with work outs & food!

  4. says

    My mini goal for this week is to walk one mile everyday this week. That’s it, starting my fitness over again, so I will take it slow and easy. One mile a day is all I ask each day. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

    Hope the hurricane is gone for your trip. Have a great week! ^_^

  5. says

    My mini-goals:
    –Don’t eat the cookies in the kitchen (give to the kids)
    –Do crunches every day
    –Stay away from restaurants
    –Read motivational weight loss book daily

  6. kate says

    You didn’t eat during last night’s episode of RHoNJ for the same reason I didn’t: It was so freakin’ engrossing! Oh the craziness!
    Last season was such a yawner, so it’s nice to see them living up to their train wreck potential again. Congrats, crazy ladies!

      • kate says

        Did you watch WWHL afterwards with Caroline and Theresa?
        I have to watch all of these delicious shows slowly, in little bits, to prolong the experience.
        Hey–it’s the same way I eat my cup o’ Yo-Land!
        Speaking of which: Mini-goal–More Yogurtland this week!!

        • says

          I dvr-ed it and watched it today. I think Caroline was too much of a stickler on the issue, but I realize Teresa is crazy and the one in the wrong. What did you think?

          • kate says

            I agree.
            T=Crazy + in denial about her very painful life.
            C=Major grudge holder + actually angry about the whole Dina Situation (whatever that is) and using all of these trivial matters as vehicles for her ire.

            People fascinate me to no end. I am such a voyeur.

  7. says

    Mini goals
    Monday – survive Back to School night
    Tuesday – get to Power Pi-Yo class
    Wednesday – survive my there & back trip to Burbank for work
    Thursday – get to Vinyasa class and pack
    Friday – survive the drive

    I can’t wait for RHOBH to start! RHONY drives me nutso!

  8. says

    OH the word mini-goals just made me picture mini-doughnuts and that made me think of the MN State Fair which is currently going on and if you are at the fair you are probably having some thing fried and if you are having some thing fried you are probably having more than one so if you are having more than one fried some thing I probably shouldn’t have a MINI goal but a MAJOR goal to stay away from the fair!


  9. says

    Hoping to put in a mid-to-longish run on Friday and Saturday (never really done back-to-back) but will play by ear. If Saturday doesn’t happen, I’ll do it on Sunday.

  10. says

    How funny would it be if one of the RHONJ read your blog and left a comment :)
    I caught up on RHONJ and RHONY last night but my b-f was in the background acting as the peanut gallery. He doesn’t “get” the RH shows–I tell him that even smart people need a break sometimes and it’s my brain being off the clock for an hour or 2.

  11. says

    i love my handhelds…but that is a very interesting point that coach makes about being off-centred, then…i will need to reflect on that!
    have a great week and go after those goals!

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