Gluten Free Cookies on Accident


I was flipping channels earlier and stopped at Giada’s Food Network Show (yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the official name of it). I never actually follow recipes, but I do like to get inspiration from the Food Network. Well, she was talking about comfort foods and making the most amazing chocolate cookies. I stopped and made note of the ingredients in my head movies. Now, I … [Read more...]

Run Eat (Mile) Repeat


I woke up this morning not exactly looking forward to my run. I was supposed to do 4 x 1 mile repeats between 7:40-8:00 <- which I read as “just try to do one under 8 minutes”. Before I left I had half of an apple banana for fuel. Since there is no close track I headed back to the route where the duck hit me in the head. It’s a half mile path connected to a park, so I … [Read more...]