Run of the Mill


Today was a run of the mill kinda day in RER land... I went to the gym for a strength workout. I ran there 1.5 miles and walked back. That took a while so I was starvin Marvin and had a banana with PB while cooking up breakfast. The usual… (hey, is this a Christmas plate?!) Good thing I have a big mouth! I shared some of my lunch with Vegas.  After work I took an … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Running and Losing


Happy Wednesday! Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I want to weigh in on Wednesdays (like Roni) and am down one pound from 2 weeks ago. Not too shab. Ha! Today’s WLW is about long time reader Adrian, who contacted me to share her weight loss journey. She lost over 100 pounds and now is maintaining and running and blogging at Chase Fear. In addition to being an inspiration … [Read more...]