Sunday Funday in Florida

Hello from the sky! I’m on a plane headed back to CA, but we have a lot to catch up on! IMG_7405 (800x600)

Let’s go back to Sunday…

I planned to do two moderate length runs in Florida because I knew time wise and weather wise doing a 16+ miler would not be very realistic. So, I woke up early again on Sunday morning and busted out 12 miles. I felt surprisingly good considering I did 13 the day before. IMG_7318 (800x600)

I did feel oddly drained though – like almost emotionally exhausted from it? I think it was just that I lost so much liquid from my body these last 2 days. I can’t really explain it.IMG_7314 (800x600)

Side note: I’m still not super sold on the two back to back runs. I know I’m not going as far as I should with each LR, but I don’t feel nearly as challenged as one mega miler, you know? (Coach Steve feel free to call me out on being dumb.)

After the run I tried to take an ice bath, but the bath water melted this ice immediately and it was luke warm at best. Oh well. “E” for effort.IMG_7319 (800x600)

I felt dehydrated when I was done and not super hungry, but I knew I had to refuel. I had yogurt and fruit while Ben’s mom cooked us up some pancakes. IMG_7327 (800x600)

I had one of her super fluffy pancakes with syrup. I don’t know how she gets them so fluffy!!IMG_7332 (800x600)

Then, we went to church. I guess God’s in Florida too. Weird.

After church and the all important Dunkin Donuts run we had a mish mash of leftovers for lunch. I made a salad and ate the rest of my Public sub.IMG_7334 (800x600)

After lunch my mother in law and I hit up Publix again. If you’re keeping count we went 3 times this weekend and she does this all the time. All the employees know her there, it’s super cute.

I picked out this ice cream and enjoyed some right when we got back. It’s hot. Ice cream helps.IMG_7365 (800x600)

Finally it was time for Ben’s birthday party BBQ! That’s why we are visiting!! Ben’s birthday is Friday and he really wanted to visit his fam.IMG_7374 (800x600)

We swam in the pool, ate good food and enjoyed some quality time with everyone.

Vodka and Fresca really made my night Winking smileIMG_7356 (800x600)

Burgers were on the menu and since I’m trying to decrease my soy intake I decided to have a ‘real’ burger instead of a veggie one like a I normally do. I picked a small-ish one, but I have never had any stomach problems going from veggie to meat eating. (I was full on vegan for about 8 months and then ate a fast food hamburger out of the blue and it was nothing.)bbq food

Since it was a birthday party we had decorations and favors. The baby and I fought over the mustaches…i mustasche you a questioni mustasche you a question

After dinner we sang Happy Birthday. Is it sad he had to light his own candles?IMG_7364 (600x800)

IMG_7370 (800x600)

We had marble cake with chocolate chips and more of that amazing mint ice cream. birthday cake

When it got dark we moved the party inside to play Cranium. I had never played before and really liked it!IMG_7379 (800x600)Mid-game someone brought over a pizza from a local place with the best pie around. I don’t think anyone was even hungry, but it smelled amazing and everyone said it’s the best so ended up splitting a piece with Ben when everyone was digging in.

It was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The crust was perfection – that’s what really ‘makes’ it. IMG_7381 (800x600)But yeah, there was A LOT of good food around this weekend. A LOT – including handfuls of chips and almond M&M’s not documented here. I enjoyed it, but it’s time to get back on track now!

At the end of the night it was finally time for the main event of the evening = the season finale of Breaking Bad. We stopped the game just in time to watch it. Wow. Now I’m nervous.

Monday fun coming soon!

Question: What did you do this weekend? Any fun Labor Day festivities??


  1. says

    We did so much driving this weekend! We drove 2 hours to Abilene on Saturday and hung out with my husbands cousins. Enjoyed an amazing brisket too!
    On Sunday we headed to Austin for Lego Kids Fest! It was a ton of fun for the kids. Lots of kid yanking, parents talking thru their teeth and loads of crying kids! Awesome!! Lol
    About 600 miles of road in two days. We r staying home for awhile.
    Loved seeing Fl in ur pics! What part did u visit?

  2. says

    Looks like you had a great time! I didn’t do much over the holiday. Just ran a 5k and was a bum the rest of the time, haha……but all in the spirit of the holiday!

  3. Elizabeth R says

    Maybe you posted this somewhere else but, why are you trying to decrease soy intake? It seems to have snuck into a lot of foods but I never really gave it much thought.

  4. Kelli says

    Ok i need to know where the decent pizza is here in Florida I live in Tampa we just moved here a year and half ago and still havent found pizza that compares!
    P.S. I make multiple trips to Publix too a day love that store!!

  5. says

    You ran 25 miles over the weekend?? You so deserve mint ice cream, m&m’s and the vodka drink….plus, more!!

    I ran 5 today and we took the family to Cherry Berry for our “Labor Day fun before school starts tomorrow” Outing…I had 3 different yogurts, peanuts, kiwi, cookie dough, heath bits, a sour gummi worm, and more heath…I am thinking I need to run at least 10 more miles to get rid of that indulgence but, I AM GOING TO BED right now and not looking back!


  6. says

    Here in AZ we have had some major humidity. Like in the 80 and above percentile plus the high heat. Unbearable conditions that we aren’t used too around here. So I totally understand what you are saying about being drained in a weird way. I feel like my long slow runs, all though run at an easy pace have taken more out of me than anything I have ever done. I just hope it stops soon because I’m dying down here.

  7. says

    mmmm that mint cookie ice cream looks delicious! good choice.

    my weekend was sweaty hot (i live in your favorite state, maryland- ha). i went to work and the zoo. living on the wild side!

  8. says

    3-day weekend over here too – Independence Day and had a great time with friends and family – runs, workouts, yoga, potlucks, gatherings and meals.

    Happy Birthday to Ben too!

  9. Tina says

    1. I only just started the first episode ever of breaking bad two days ago and it was really depressing. Persevere?

    2. That ice cream looks so freakin delicious

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