Cooking Crazy


How’s it going? Today was pretty busy. and itchy. I’m completely covered in bug bites from Florida. Covered. If you want to be grossed out you can check out my instagram pic and multiply it by 500x on my back. I’m a leper. Or a leopard. I grabbed the Ralphs brand of greek yogurt in my whirlwind shopping trip this morning. It’s no where near the same as the name brand stuff. … [Read more...]

Fuel Belt Review Vlog


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I made it home last night around midnight and went straight to bed. This morning my 6am alarm went off and I reluctantly crawled out of bed. I didn’t feel very tired, but I was dreading my run because it was supposed to be a speed run. Even though I LOVE running, I STRONGLY DISLIKE this whole ‘mile repeat’ thing. I made a bargain with myself that if I … [Read more...]

Labor Day Parade and the Charlotte Airport


This morning I took a nice lil’ four mile walk to start the day. I wanted to run, but knew I should give my legs a rest since I did 13 and 12 the previous two days. I was tempted to hit up Dunkin Donuts for an Apple Orchard Donut (saw the sign when we went yesterday), but I ran walked out of time. If anyone has tried these please tell me they’re gross and I didn’t miss out on … [Read more...]