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I know sometimes my eats get boring to blog about everyday, but I still love recording it online. So, I’m going to start putting it all on instagram for a food diary and blogging about what I want here. I’m RunEatRepeat (bet you never would have guessed) on Instagram so follow along if you want wlEmoticon smile4 Natural Thyroid Curesimage thumb11 Natural Thyroid Cures

After the most delicious Chipolte dinner I went home and went on a closet cleaning rampage. Remember how I turned my hangers around for a 6 month Closet Clean Out? Well, I finally threw out everything I haven’t worn (save for a few special occasion dresses).IMG 7459 800x600 thumb Natural Thyroid Cures

Ben hung out for moral support.  I got this shirt at Blogher last year from Stonyfield and had him put it on for a photo op. IMG 7456 600x800 thumb Natural Thyroid Cures

Is that a spoon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? IMG 7454 600x800 thumb Natural Thyroid Cures

This morning I ran 6.63 miles. Random. I wasn’t feeling like running much today but am glad I pushed it to that much.

Thyroid Health Update

Almost exactly one year ago I found out my T3 thyroid is low. My doc put me on a T3 prescription, but that didn’t really make me feel any different.

I got a second opinion from an online doc via 2nd MD.

Since then I haven’t felt any better and before that I had been doing really well with losing weight and was down about 7 pounds. In the last year I have been gaining and more cold and tired than I should be.

So, I have an appointment with a specialist in October. But I was very frustrated a few weeks ago and started doing research on natural thyroid remedies and food choices.

I found a lot of random rants, e-books you can purchase and general information – but nothing from a resource I trusted. Then, I came across Jill Grunewald, holistic nutrition coach with Healthful Elements. She had some great information on thyroid health and nutrition.

I read her about page and it turns out she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and is managing it with holistic and natural options.

I immediately emailed her and asked for help. Luckily, she offers health coaching and after a consultation we set up our first phone appointment.

I spoke with her yesterday and she sent me a ton of great resources. It turns out a bunch of foods I thought were “healthy” are the exact opposite of what I should be eating! There are many foods that interfere with your thyroid (like raw cabbage) that I eat in mass quantities. #Fail

I’m only at the very start of learning exactly how/why my thyroid is off and how I can help it naturally, but I’m excited and finally hopeful.

For now I’m supposed to do a hormone dump (I think that’s what she called it) and take an adrenal health test. I’ll update as I learn and try things.

You can contact Jill or get more information at Healthful Elements


  1. says

    I have been dealing with Hypothyroidism for 6+ years and still can’t find a balance in my prescription. I am excited to see what you think of the health coaching and what you learn (and hopefully share) about thyroid issues!

  2. Stefanie says

    I’m interested to see how managing your thyroid goes. I am hypothyroid and hate having to take a pill with who knows what in it.

  3. Robin says

    I would love to hear the other “no-no” foods. My thyroid slows down during pregnancy and it’s no fun, my levoxyl dose seems to keep going up.

  4. says

    It’s definitely good to be pursuing alternative medicines, but I hope you don’t neglect your doctor’s advice! It’s really frustrating that the medications aren’t really helping though. Good luck!

  5. says

    I try and stay away from a lot of the non-friendly thyroid foods. I just can’t give up cruciferous veggies though. I do make sure to not eat them raw at least. And I found that soy products make me suuuper sluggish, so I definitely cut those out. Even still, I’m on two different prescription medications. I feel horrible if I cut those out. So I’m definitely still working on it!

  6. Andrea says

    Thanks for sharing this source. I am thyroid meds and find they help with most symptoms but no matter how clean I eat my weight really won’t budge.

  7. says

    I have a closet purge set for this weekend! I am kind of a clothes hoarder so I never get rid of much. I have never heard of the hanger thing…I will definitely be turning all my hangers around though to see what I actually wear in the next 6 months!

  8. says

    U def deserve a break! Enjoy your night off and great post on the Holistic coach! I hope she can steer u in the right direction and make u feel great!

  9. Jenny G says

    I have been hypothyroid with Hashimoto’s for 11 years. I still struggle with all the symptoms including my hair falling out crazy lately. I have never heard about foods affecting your thyroid. I will check out the Healthful website. Thanks for posting.

  10. Danielle says

    I had thyroid cancer and have been having all sorts of weight issues with my thyroid replacement medicines, so I am SO glad to get the info on Jill. I just emailed her and I hope she doesn’t cost me a small fortune b/c I’d really like to work with her. Good luck to you and keep us posted!

  11. says

    Cruciferous vegetables and soy are big no-nos.

    I’ve had hypothyroidism for over 27 years. I developed it when I was 10, although not diagnosed until I was 13.

    Be sure to get your iron and b12 checked regularly as anemia and thyroid issues go hand-in-hand.

  12. says

    I have hypothyroidism too! I take a 100mcg tab of levothyroxin a day and it had kept me at a great level for 3 years now. I was having major fatigue issues, weight gain, black outs and my hair was falling out like crazy. Lame sauce! Now I am great and the meds are only $6 a month with my insurance so that’s nice. Hope you get your figured out. Let us know what other foods to stay away from. This will be majorly helpful for a lot of people. Thanks!

  13. Ann says

    My family has suffered from serious tyroid problems, my mom especially. She took meds her whole life from it and developed a nodule on her thyroid (thankfully non-cancerous) She did a lot of research on trying to get the the root of the problem as a way of fixing instead of medicating herself. She found a correlation between ALL meat and dairy products. She completely cut both out and after 2 months her levels were normal and have been ever since. I know you do consume quite a lot of dairy and meat and would suggest trying to seriously limit the two. I know it is tough. I also would suggest that the times you do consume either to buy organic. You seem to buy a lot of the managers specials and more inexpensive products that are not organic (fruits and veggies included). I know it is a bit more expensive, but paying the extra for your health in the long run is WELL worth it!!

    • says

      Thanks Ann! I haven’t read anything about dairy or meat and a thyroid correlation but I’ll ask Jill what she thinks on our next call. I definitely need to buy more organic, totally agree.

  14. Lori says

    I also have hypothyroidism, I take 250mcg. a day of synthroid. I have flucuated for years with my t3s and t4s. Please keep posting about the foods that are not good for thyroid disease and anything you learn along the way. Love your blog, you are inspiring, funny, and beautiful!

  15. says

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