Ben’s Special Day

I made Ben birthday pancakes for breakfast. Putting sprinkles on anything makes it 100x more fun!IMG 7472 800x533 thumb Ben’s Special Day

After I made him breakfast I ran the mile to the gym and did some strength work. I walked back and a crossing guard insisted on helping me cross the street and telling me to “look both ways!”. Ha! I felt like a dork wlEmoticon smile6 Ben’s Special Day

The run, gym, walk takes too long and I need to start eating before I go. By the time I was eating breakfast I had been up over 2.5 hours and am overly hungry. image thumb13 Ben’s Special Day

Happy Birthday Ben!!!ben and bailey thumb Ben’s Special DayIMG 7046 600x800 600x800 600x800 thumb Ben’s Special Day

Sadly, I am not giving Ben what he said he wanted for his birthday (hint – it’s bigger than a bread box and has to be squeezed outta my…)IMG 7238 800x600 thumb1 Ben’s Special DayIMG 7250 800x600 thumb Ben’s Special Day

But, I’m planning a nice evening and making a coconut cake per his request (cake > babies, no?). cake loves you too Ben’s Special Day

I bought us tickets to go Whale Watching and wanted to go tonight but I didn’t realize until too late that he would have had to get off work early. So, we’re doing that next week and tonight we’re going out to dinner.

Last year I took donuts to his work as a b-day surprise, but since he’s at a newish job I don’t think he wants to be embarrassed just yet.

Fun Friday Fideos!

In my dream life I am a travel blogger and get to see the world and vlog about it. Look at this amazing plane that goes from Bangkok to Hong Kong. I die…

Is it Casual Friday at your work?

Question: What are your weekend plans?


  1. says

    “Last year I took donuts to his work as a b-day surprise, but since he’s at a newish job I don’t think he wants to be embarrassed just yet.” Oh um, so I shouldn’t have had my hubby fake arrested at his 2 week old job when he was 21? Oops!! :-)

    NO plans this weekend thank goodness! Starting next weekend we’re booked every weekend through the end of the year so I’m gonna enjoy it!

  2. says

    On hubs 40th I had 40 balloons delivered in a bouquet to his work…he and the women in his office LOVED it. He’s 47 now….Hmmmm, I will have to start thinking about what to do for his 50th!

    Happy Birthday Will…I mean Ben!!

  3. says

    Happy Birthday to your hubz. And is it casual Friday? I dunno. I just showed up to a meeting in my sweaty spandex after running 4 miles, walking 1.5 and then taking a HIIT & strength training class at the gym. I guess that’s pretty casual eh?

  4. says

    You should offer him the next best thing … practicing for baby making. I did that for 3 years with Hubs and it worked like a charm. Its still the same amount of fun!!
    Working on the house and doing my long run this weekend. Probably a Nertz championship somewhere in there if we can manage.

  5. JessicaE says

    It took me a long time to want a baby as well. :) And then one day I woke up and just wanted one so much, lucky for my husband :D Now I have a beautiful 6 week old son.

    If it isn’t too personal to ask, do you ever want kids?

    • says

      Congrats on your son!!! Yes, I want kids I just have so much going on right now I know I would have to scale back and I don’t want to just yet.
      Can I ask how it’s going with a 6 week old? How do you feel? What’s your day like?

  6. says

    I live in Vancouver, BC and this looks like it might be the last warm weekend for a long time so my plans include some beach time, some out door runs, BBQing and hanging out with friends before the rain sets in!

  7. Maria B says

    I can’t even believe that plane!! We are canning tomatoes tomorrow and I have a 9 mile training run on Sunday. Happy B-day to your hubby. :)

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