Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland


Yesterday I made Ben’s bday cake, but I didn’t realize I don’t have two round cake pans. I was set on making a layer cake so I had to use my spring form pan and make one at a time. Well, I put a lot more in the first layer and they were very different sizes like my boobs. But, I saved it with extra frosting and shredded coconut. I made a white cake from a mix but swapped … [Read more...]

Fun Friday at Disneyland!


I need to get out the door for my long run, but I wanted to share some of the pictures from yesterday. After work Ben and I hit up Disneyland… Splash Mountain He was reflective about his birthday… We ate at the Blue Bayou! The cake was almost a disaster, but I fixed it. We did Happy Birthday when we got home And Ben went on Tower of Terror for the first time. I screamed. … [Read more...]