Spa Sunday

I had a great spa day with my mom today! She is the best and invited me to enjoy an indulgent day with her. After yesterday’s 18 miler I was more than ready to spa it up Winking smile

This morning I took a little walk before breakfast. Quiet Sunday morning walks are my favorite.image

After breakfast I headed to meet my mom at the house. Our first stop was the nail salon for manicures and pedicures. These are my ‘before’ feet, I didn’t get a picture of the ‘after’ but wanted to share this in case you’re here for the foot fetish aspect of this blog. Hey, I’m here to help. IMG_7270 (600x800)

Then, we went tried out a new-to-us spa and got massages. Oh my gosh I needed this. But I was a little embarrassed that my all my bug bites from Florida left red spots all over my back Disappointed smileIMG_7549 (800x600)

After we were all noodle-y from our massages we went to have lunch/dinner/food. It was about 4pm so I don’t know what to call it. image

Moscato ‘cause we like it sweetIMG_7551 (600x800)

I got the Cobb Salad, hold the bacon and bleu cheese add cucs and bell peppers. I like to call it Cobb Salad hold the Cobb.IMG_7552 (800x600)

Then, we went shopping and my mom bought me two shirts. She was being so nice I’m afraid she thinks I’m going to die soon or something. I hope she doesn’t have a crystal ball I don’t know about.

The Peak of my week was this big ol’ cup of frozen yogurt with six dollars worth of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. IMG_7558 (800x600)My early lunch/dinner left me hungry around 7pm and I raided my mom’s fridge for beans, rice and enchilada casserole later in the evening. No pics, but I’m sure you’ve seen those foods on RER before Smile

Question: What did you do this weekend? What is your favorite ice crean topping?

When I used to go to ‘non-self serve’ fro-yo places I would ALWAYS get granola as my topping. I LOVE granola more than anything (except the fro-yo itself).


  1. says

    Favorite fro-yo topping has to be mochi and fruity pebbles. I actually get very cranky when a place doesn’t have these options!

    Sounds like amazing spa day..well deserved!

  2. says

    Ran the Adidas King of the Road ( on Sunday morning and then had dinner with my sis and BIL at Hard Rock Cafe. Uploaded some pics on my blog just a while ago.

  3. says

    My husband makes the best chocolate sauce from scratch, so that’s my favorite ice cream topping! I also like peanuts, but only if there’s chocolate sauce too.

  4. Angela says

    How sweet of your mom to treat you with such a nice day! Sounds like it was a lot of fun! :)

    Now about the glowing “light” by the massage table in your pic …. Is anyone else seeing the resemblance of that light appearing to be a massive, over-sized, glowing pe*is?! lol Oh my word!!

  5. says

    I celebrated my 17th Wedding Anniversary….

    We went to the MN Gopher Football game…nice day but kind of boring…No college sports fan here…then to a Mexican restaurant where I chowed the “salad” which really was glorified nachos with lettuce (YUM)! Next, we walked the Mall Of America to “reflect on our years” and realized marriage is WORK and its HARD WORK but worth it for sure!

    Small things make a BIG Difference!!

    Finally, on our way home we stopped at a local bar got in on happy hour 2 for 1’s and shared a huge piece of chocolate cake that I totally regretted b/c I was stuffed for HOURS….like really stuffed….my stomach hurt so much we walked the neighborhood to move it around even…ha!

    (So there you have it…ha!)

  6. says

    My favorite topping for plain, soft-serve frozen yogurt is heath bar. Holy crap I love toffee.

    This weekend my daughter ran her first 1-miler race! She is 6! She ran a 1/2 mile one last year. This kid runs just for the medals and post-race donuts:-)

    I was such a proud momma!

  7. Sarah says

    This weekend: ran my final long run before my first marathon (21 miles)!!!

    Ice cream: Nutella. Or, if I’m feeling especially gluttonous and heart attacky, the crunchy Biscoff cookie butter.

  8. Tabatha Rhodes says

    I “ran” the Dirty Dash this weekend! It was my first 5k and I’m slightly disapointed with how slow I was. And I’m covered with bruises lol.

  9. says

    LOL how did you know I come to this blog to explore my foot fetish?! You’re so considerate. Looks like you had a great day! Wish my weekend had included a spa trip.

  10. says

    Woman, you do not know bug bites until you come to Peru. Wait, i spoiling tell you that in bring to convince you to come here. I blame my Asian genes to the sensitive-ness of bug bites. Btw, ill be home October 6. Less than a month!

  11. says

    I love me some Moscato! And I have them hold the blue cheese on my cobb too, but I gotta have the bacon.

    I would have loved a massage this weeken! So jealous.

  12. says

    Ha! You’re like my husband at the self-serve places! Mine’s always around $3, and his is around $6. Things were put into perspective this weekend though, when the lady in front of us had frozen yogurt that cost more that hubs and mine put together…over $9! My fav topings are raspberries and mochis! Yum yum!

  13. says

    LOL about why you think your mom is being so nice to you. Monica, that is hilarious but you are so mean to yourself! That happened to me this weekend too actually- my family asked what I wanted for dinner and since I’m a superpicky mostly vegan and they are absolutely not, I’m like, whatttt are they not telling me?!

  14. TiffanyS says

    I went to a natural running clinic Saturday morning. My feet were filthy, but I learned a lot. I could have used pedicure after that. Maybe this week? My favorite topping is probably crushed oreos or raspberries. Fruit in general is usually included in my mix.

  15. says

    I love it when froyo places have random cereals for toppings – I’ve seen mini wheats, cinnamon toast crunch and corn pops. Although, my absolute favourite topping would have to be chopped reese’s peanut butter cups. Can’t go wrong. :-)

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