ING Class of 2012 Meatless Monday Marathon Meal


Hello! How’s your day? My day was full of conference calls. For some reason everyone wanted to schedule them for today I recorded some random snacks and thought I’d (over) share... I’m still as obsessed as ever with chickpeas and was excited to score this sweet chickpea snack from Marshall’s the other day. I’ve tried to make sweet roasted chickpeas before but I always … [Read more...]

Monday Mini-Goals


Happy Monday! This morning I hit the sidewalk for an easy 6 miler. About 1 mile in two people got on the path right in front of me and we were running the exact same pace. I was about 3 feet behind them for a bit, but it was awkward (or maybe I’m just awkward). Long story long, I pushed ahead because I didn’t want to run in their fart path shadow for 2 more miles. I usually  … [Read more...]