Monday Mini-Goals

Happy Monday!

This morning I hit the sidewalk for an easy 6 miler. About 1 mile in two people got on the path right in front of me and we were running the exact same pace. I was about 3 feet behind them for a bit, but it was awkward (or maybe I’m just awkward). Long story long, I pushed ahead because I didn’t want to run in their fart path shadow for 2 more miles. I usually  don’t run quickly on this route, but it was a good run.

The End.

Breakfast – I started chomping on a banana when I got back and decided to use the rest of it to make Tina’s 2 ingredient pancake. But I added chia seeds and salt, so that’s 4 ingredients. IMG 7560 800x600 thumb Monday Mini Goals

Jill from Healthful Elements (the holistic nutrition coach) gave me a list of foods that help support thyroid health and sunflower seeds are on the list. (Sunflower seeds are a good source of Selenium.) This is great because I love Sunbutter and slathered my pancake in it x2.IMG 7562 600x800 thumb Monday Mini Goals

Monday Mini-Goals

Since I was in Florida last Sunday and spa-ing it up yesterday I haven’t been doing a proper Sunday Set up to prep myself for a healthy week. Instead I’ll set some mini-goals for the week ahead…

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night

2. Plan out dinners for the week

3. Watch it on the treats (it was a very sugary weekend!)

Question: What are your goals for the week?


  1. IRISMES says

    I lost my ID, credit etc etc over a month ago, My goal for this week is getting that sorted out!
    Apart from that, getting some veggies in my fridge (I`ve been living on bread and tacos for the past few weeks)

  2. says

    I started my blog, largely inspired by you, Tina & SR!

    Had goals to watch the alcohol intake too but that went to hell this weekend. Oh well, it’s Monday and I am back on track.

  3. says

    This 2 ingredient pancake just rocked my world. I will def be trying this tomorrow a.m.! My goal for this week is to catch up on sleep that I didn’t get this weekend, unpack from our weekend trip before next weekend and buy a bike trainer so I can ride while watching my guilty pleasure tv shows!

  4. says

    My main goal is to get over the sickness I’ve had for almost a week now. I want to be able to do my long run this weekend. Also, surviving my 3 Zumba classes and training this week.

  5. says

    I am addicted to that Sunflower Butter. I am not even buying it because I just eat it. Like cookies or something….so terrible. Although I guess it’s better than cookies. Mix it with some Nutella. Dip pretzels in mix. omg good.

    So my goals this week are to similiar. To get 8 hours of sleep, get all my training in (I just started a training program today), cut back on alcohol and limit myself to ONE sweet.

  6. Jessica says

    My mini goal for the last few weeks has been getting out to run 4 days a week. However!! This has been thwarted by this nasty ass humid oven L.A. weather we’ve been having. Any tips for getting fitness on during nasty weather?

  7. says

    My goals are to eat fresh veggies and fruits. I’ve only had a banana today for the fruit dept and no veggies :( Not starting off so well. But hey-I’ll get it tomorrow :) Have been drinking lots of water though.

    I had a banana w/a waffle & peanut butter- Never tried it before and was super full and satisfied. My new b-fast love. I need to get some sunflower butter.

    Have a wonderful week! :)

  8. says

    I HATE running behind people! Or when people run behind me. I think I hate it more when someone is running or walking behind me at my pace because I get suspicious and scared they’re stalking me.

  9. says

    I’m the same way with people running right in front of me. I can’t stand it, I’ll even sprint just to be in front or away from them. Weird but true.
    My goal is to get back in it but not too rush. Slowly build up my distance and time for running. Body is hurting right now so I’m giving myself a break.
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  10. Emily says

    Seriously? No mention of the best Teresa quotes ever? (Okay, rough quotes, I didn’t write them down).

    “Oh, you saw her roots?” (for some reason, I thought this was hilarious)
    “My husband is smart.” (hilarious for obvious reasons)

  11. says

    I hate running near other people, my pace will suddenly get wierd and earphones start falling out and I’m always looking like a mess haha.

    I think my goal this week is to figure out a yoga studio to go to that fits my budget AND schedule and to clean out my disgusting closet.

  12. Amy D says

    My goal for the week? Some sort of workout, either run, or Jillian Michaels…..or something to get my body moving. I find that when I workout, I eat better. Crazy! Running makes me crave a salad or something. Duh.

  13. Jenny says

    I have an initial appointment set up with Jill. I am really excited to tlk with her. Thanks for writing such a great blog with great info!

  14. says

    You cracked me up with your ‘fart path’ comment. I can soooo relate!! Let’s see–my goals for this week are to stick to healthy eating since I’m officially training for a half marathon (been imbibing on the alcohol a bit too much and now it’s time to get serious again), get all my training runs in, and try to get my house cleaned up. Thanks for the pancake recipe, too. It looks delicious!

  15. says

    That’s awesome she’s helping you find foods to help with your thyroid issue. My goals this week are…get all my workouts in for my half training program (including yoga & weights), eat more regularly (I’ve been having a weird stomach so I haven’t been eating much. It’s definitely affecting my energy level when I run. I also haven’t been craving salads (or anything really), so I need to get more veggies in this week. I love the new pic on your sidebar in the red dress. Hot mama! :)

  16. says

    Roll my left heel with a tennis ball (lingering PF from Sunday’s race and this morning’s run) while I’m sitting in the office or at home. Opps…just realized I’m only setting up this week’s goal today/Tuesday!

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