Salad Plantation and PSA


I got an email this week from Heather trying to round up a group of the OC bloggers for dinner. 82 emails later it was cancelled, changed to fro-yo, back on, postponed and finally back on. And that’s why we’re here and happy… Well, I wasn’t happy at first. At first I was trying to ask the manager why this celery was so stale?! Turns out it’s fake. Skinny Runner was pretty … [Read more...]

RooSport Giveaway


Today is Tuesday and according to my scrappy marathon training plan I’m supposed to do mile repeats for my run. I still do not like them at all. Even after I’m done I’m not like, “Yah! I’m so glad I did that!!” No. I’m more like, “That was unpleasant. I’m glad it’s over.” In the grand old race of the tortoise and the hare I am the tortoise.  Exhibit A: my tortoise … [Read more...]