RooSport Giveaway

Today is Tuesday and according to my scrappy marathon training plan I’m supposed to do mile repeats for my run. I still do not like them at all. Even after I’m done I’m not like, “Yah! I’m so glad I did that!!”

No. I’m more like, “That was unpleasant. I’m glad it’s over.”

In the grand old race of the tortoise and the hare I am the tortoise.

 Exhibit A: my tortoise friend and I running in Florida last year…IMG_4769 (800x600)

Anyway, I ran 4×1 mile repeats and at one point a jogger guy came running the opposite direction and said, “Nice pace!”. That did make me feel better about the whole thing SmileIMG_7589 (800x600)

After my run and a shower I enjoyed a ton of water, watermelon and overnight oats.IMG_7595 (600x800)

In other, less appropriate for the blog news…

My Florida bug bites have left red marks all over me?! It’s been over a week now and I think they should be gone by this time. Is there a doctor in the house? Can you please prescribe me some Zoloft and a note to my in-laws that I’m allergic to Florida? Thanks.IMG_7591 (600x800)

RooSport Giveaway

I received this RooSport pouch to review a week ago and have been wearing it on walks. It is a magnetic pouch that has a fold over pocket and zipper pocket. It can carry anything from keys to money to ham sandwiches and is great alternative to a purse or pocket belt for walking and running. roosport pouch

This is how it looks open – you slip it into your waistband and the magnets hold it in place. IMG_7582 (600x800)

Zipper for your important stuff SmileIMG_7583 (800x600)

I have been loving it for my walks since I like to take along cash or a card in case I want to walk to the store (or Sonic). Today I wore it for my run and am a fan. It can hold a lot, but isn’t bulky.IMG_7584 (600x800)

vag shot

Roo Sport is giving one RER reader a pouch of their own!

To Enter: Leave a comment sharing – What’s for dinner?

Open to residents of the US. Closes 9/12/12 at 8am PST.

I have been compensated by RooSport to conduct this giveaway. All opinions on RER are my own and are in no way a reflection of how my mom raised me.


  1. Jocelyn Carpenter says

    Since I need to squeeze in some extra miles tonight, I’ll be having leftovers…but I do plan on finding time to make Guinness brownies :)

  2. Jenny says

    Well, it’s a little up in the air (the hubs is under the weather), but it will probably be a wrap of Morningstar buffalo wings (yummy and spicy fake meat), light cream cheese, whole-wheat tortillas, spinach, tomatoes, and pickles with a side salad. It’s definitely one of our staples!

  3. Nikki says

    Random Question: have you ever gotten into minimalist running shoes?? What do you think about them? I’m working on transitioning into a few different pairs (New Balance Minimus, Merrell Pace and Vibram 5 fingers)

    Dinner tonight: Spinach Lasagne and a huge salad

  4. Desirae says

    Ooooh! I totally need one of those!
    Dinner this evening is a salad consisting of spring mix, cukes, peppers, broccoli, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, and Green Goddess dressing.

  5. Maureen says

    Chicken Sausage & Peppers… (but don’t tell my man that it’s chicken!) and not for anything but damn girl you’ve got some killer calves in that tortoise picture!

  6. says

    Dinner…hmmm, I am debating if I want to make a healthy and delicious meal for my family or just support the Safety Patrollers that are selling pizza before Open House tonight for my 3rd grader… It’s still up in the air around here. 😉

  7. leahk says

    pulled chicken BBQ from my crockpot (aka 2 chicken breasts and 1/2 bottle of bbq sauce and cook for 6 hours- shred with 2 forks!) I’m training for my first marathon and would LOVE to win this!

  8. Lindsey A. says

    So glad you posted this today because I can never remember the name of this product and I read about it once and couldn’t find it again. Thanks!!

    Tonight’s dinner are taco bites and rattlesnake rolls with salad. Yum!

  9. J says

    Not sure what’s for dinner, I’m home sick from work & food isn’t even on my radar :( Winning would help me feel better, though!

  10. TiffanyS says

    Cheddar chipotle burgers sans the bun from Whole Foods with sauteed orange and red peppers. Also, a side of this Seasons of Change quinoa and brown rice mix that is amazing and so simple. Hmm, maybe a little side of cherries or something sweet at the end.

  11. Suzanne says

    We’re not home (going to a concert) so dinner tonight is going to be on the run. And will probably involve fries with old bay on them. Hey, at least lunch was a salad! :)

  12. Amy says

    I’m sick with terrible allergies. I bought Sams Club pizza for the family and am hoping that hubby brings home some soup for me!

  13. says

    What’s for dinner? Anything but spaghetti! My three year old is in a spaghetti phase and it’s all she wants. We’ll probably have chicken a la George Foreman and salad.

  14. says

    Giant bowl of vegetables, lean turkey, salsa & more veggies! I’m doing a relay race at the end of the week and will have to cut out all of the vegetables soon (womp womp)

  15. says

    Whole-wheat spaghetti with sautéed kale and poached eggs. I usually plan out my meals on Sunday from Cooking Light recipes and that way I have a healthy meal already planned for each night of the work week (or else I would be very unhealthy with my spontaneous choices).

  16. Harper says

    Well first off I’m jealous of your calf muscles in that picture.

    Dinner: seasoned olive oil mahi mahi, cous cous, snap peas and broccoli.

  17. Leslie says

    Grilled hicken smothered with green peppers, mushrooms, turkey bacon bits, bbq sauce and light cheese…also a giant salad. Yum!

  18. says

    Whatever the BF makes! 😛 And if I’m not feeling it, I’ll probably have a bag (or 2) of popcorn, chips, protein balls, and peanut butter.

  19. NG says

    Dinner tonight is chicken sausage, broccoli, rice and salad. That Roo Sport pouch looks like just what I need – the SPIbelt isn’t quite cutting it…

  20. Amy says

    I like the looks of that pouch…it would hold Gus perfectly. We having spaghetti with pesto chicken and veggies and most likely a choc chip cookie for dessert!

  21. Bree ltc says

    Some kind of squash. Lots and lots of squash. Probably roasted with parmesan. Likely cottage cheese straight from the container while I wait. I’m exhausted already so dinner will be easy. Enjoy your day and the pouch looks super sweet! (And you have rockin’ calves in the turtle pic, btw)

  22. Carolyn says

    that would be super helpful for long runs! dinner is spicy black bean burgers to pretend it’s still summer…although reading over some of these comments makes me a bit jealous-so many good dinner ideas!

  23. Robin says

    Whatever husband makes tonight. I cooked in our 100 degree kitchen last night (please go away so cal heat wave) while 30 weeks pregnant and a toddler and dog at my feet, so mama is lying on the couch tonight!

  24. ina says

    asian chicken salad with my fave Newman’s Own sesame ginger dressing and wasabi (wassup! as we call them) crunchy peas for the heat!

  25. Candice says

    That pouch is sooo cute! Definitely want one. I’ve been looking for something like that! For dinner is my new favorite vegetarian meal. (Girl on a budget here) Barilla Plus pasta and marinara sauce with cottage cheese mixed in for added protein. Yum!!

  26. Shannon B. says

    either BBQ chicken or chicken philly subs. Can you guess I have leftover chicken to use up?
    This looks like just the “extra pocket” I miss when I wear my shorts/pants with no pockets!!

  27. says

    Leftover lemon orzo & shrimp. Yum!

    Does the zipper bother your skin when you’re running? I was wondering if wearing it next to your skin for any distance running would cause a “burn”.

  28. says

    I saw those RooSport things at an expo and now I wish I would have stopped for one! When I was running alone I didn’t need a pouch, but now that I’m running with my dog, a pouch for my phone would be super helpful.

    Dinner… I got collard greens and butternut squash in my CSA, so I’m trying to come up with something that combines them. Maybe a curry?

  29. Sierra says

    Red snapper topped with sauteed red onions and cherry tomatos, on a bed of kale & mushrooms! I’m always putting my license/cards in the back pocket of my capris for runs and then forgetting to take them out when I’m done. Maybe having an actual separate holder will help me remember!

  30. Samantha says

    Probably just leftover eggplant parmesan with spaghetti squash. Not much left in the fridge!

    The roosport looks really cool. I have definitely been looking for a better way to carry things on my out door runs.

  31. Sara W says

    Dinner tonight is barbeque chicken that I have in the crockpot (seriously, it’s just chicken and bbq sauce…nothing fancy)! I’m planning on making myself a little sammy with the shredded chicken and some arugula stuffed in a flat-out foldit thingy. Maybe I’ll add a smudge more bbq sauce. 😉 I’ll probably round the meal out with some broccoli or something so that I don’t feel so guilty if (when) I when. :)

  32. Sara says

    Oh, that’s actually kind of genuis. I would love one of those suckers so that I can stop clipping my key to my bra! I don’t trust non-zipper running pockets with keys!

    For dinner, hmm. Left my husband in charge because I cooked the last two nights, think we are going out to Eat-N-Park (local chain here in Pittsburgh) because that’s our “spot.” We had our first date there eons ago which is totally lame if you know the place, but whatever, that’s how we roll and that’s what 18 (and 31)-year-old-us do for fun!

  33. Meredith says

    a big old salad!

    I saw those at a race expo once & I thought about buying one but I didn’t. Every now & then I wish I had!

  34. Leigh S. says

    Well, unfortunately, I’m under the weather (cold? flu?), so my husband’s on his own with the kids for dinner. For me, it’ll probably be chicken soup and some fruit and maybe crackers.

  35. Kristina says

    This is a need in our house.. Today has been a crazy and busy day so i think dinner will be pizza and beer have to text the husband to pick up beer and I will get the pizza.. Haha

  36. Lindsay says

    This is sooo weird. I JUST met someone on Sunday that was telling me about the ROO pouch, and she had one to show me, so I think it’s a sign that I’m gonna win. : ) Anyway, I’m having a not-so-healthy dinner tonight – Mexican. I’ll try to not eat as many chips and salsa though. Fingers crossed.

  37. Maggie says

    in college…dinner will be whatever i can find in the fridge/freezer. probably the go-to spinach salad and dr. praeger’s veggie burger!

  38. says

    It’s a toss up between pizza and beer or grilled chicken and oriental salad.
    Yah right. Its only between the grilled chicken and grilled chicken.
    How have we gone to the moon and created computer chips the size of glitter and no one has invented a delicious and calorie free pizza?! Or beer for that matter….WTHeck?? Where are their priorities??

  39. Emily says

    I’ll be stuck in the library with my first essay of the term, so I packed an assortment of “healthy” convenience foods: string cheese, yogurt, protein bar, popcorn, trail mix–I <3 snack-y dinners!

  40. says

    Dinner will probably be frozen pizza because it’s a late night of volunteering.

    The RooSport looks way less dorky than a SPIbelt, it it would be nice when I’m doing something other than running a race.

  41. AnnaGrace Strange says

    Hmm…what’s for dinner? I am not sure. I am thinking about making a salad the size of my head. I live in Texas, and it is still too hot to eat hot food! :)

  42. says

    for the bug bites….this summer I got a couple bug bites while at a track meet (sitting in the grass….nearish the woods). I am pretty allergic to bug bites and they swell up horribly – these particular ones weren’t too bad but they were super itchy and lasted forever! I googled and horrified myself with thoughts that the bug had laid eggs under my skin, etc. Eventually they went away, but no joke, I had an itchy red bump for at least 6 weeks before they got better.

  43. Camara says

    leftover Mexican Lasagna (layers of corn tortillas, salsa, black beans, chicken and cheese) and watermelon for dessert!

    I’m working tonight and there’s an event, so I may steal some wine too.

  44. says

    I had a Lean Cuisine (tortilla crusted fish – it’s actually good!) around 3:30. I was starving! I’ll probably have a couple handfuls of candy corn m&ms for my real dinner after the kids are in bed. Mmhmm.

  45. Samantha says

    Crockpot chicken and dumplings. I live in Las Vegas and today it was only 78 degrees which is winter to us so I through everything in the crockpot, sent the 5 year old to kindergarten buckled the 2 year old in the jogger and did 4 miles. My house smells great!

  46. Jean says

    I have been dreaming about cheeseburgers since Saturday… tonight I enjoyed a big, fat juicy cheeseburger with pickles (and some fries….but we don’t have to count those.)

  47. Phebe says

    Cool giveaway! I like the look of the pouch.

    Tonight’s dinner is chicken enchiladas and twice baked potatoes – I’ve on a comfort food kick now that the weather’s getting cooler :)

  48. Connie says

    Ugh, just got home (730pm) after 12 hours in the hospital with my mom (new pacemaker) – almost took a detour to McDonalds but came home and am having cottage cheese, banana and frozen berries – points for helping mom (pick me pick me)

  49. Becky says

    Thanksgiving dinner! I really wanted thanksgiving type dinner so I made healthier versions of everything. Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and green bean casserole…delish!

  50. Christine says

    Turkey burger and a few oreo cookies left over from my blood donation earlier today. So happy you reviewed this, I almost picked one up from a race expo last year but wasn’t sure how well it would work on a run.

  51. amanda says

    Dinner was a Kashi Go lean bar and some veggies. This was because of traffic in the DC area. But I am eating a heavier snack later.

  52. Eunice says

    a turkey sandwich and some sweet potato fries. i also just recently discovered sriracha ketchup! so of course, ive been incorporating it into almost every single one of my meals….

  53. Gretchen says

    Chicken and biscuits! Because today is my birthday! And I ate all of the things all day. I feel gross but it was all so tasty back to smarter eating tomorrow!

  54. MarloF says

    Okay, so long day at work. I ended up stopping for a shrimp quesadilla. I feel a little guilty after seeing all these other dinner postings. haha … Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Sarah says

    Veggie burger patty, egg over medium (so I can crack the runny yolk!), guacamole, and a vat of Ketchup….kind of a Monican Meal?!

  56. Jessica B says

    Cereal with banana, rice cakes with pb&j, grapes and baby carrots. The saddest part is I went grocery shopping tonight and this was still the best I could come up with! That’s what I get for being STARVING by the time I got home at 8:30!

  57. Ashley F says

    Dinner tonight was watermelon and popcorn. :) What can I say, it was late, I had just finished a run and plus no dirty pots and pans. A winner in my book.

  58. Tina says

    Jambalaya with turkey sausage & shrimp
    dessert – some crazy super chocolate-y ice cream the hubs picked out
    does it go without saying – I ran a few extra miles tonight.
    BTW… what the freak – lookin good in those shorts.

  59. Holly says

    Love that pouch and definitely want one!
    Last night for dinner I had baked sweet potato and baked beans with roasted brocolli and cauliflower. Probably have the same tonight since I’m lazy and have left over beans :)

  60. Kristen says

    My boyfriend and I are making “mexican”–which means I make a lot of guac and he has some burritos while I eat an entire head of sauteed kale, black beans and my weight in said guac. I want that magnet pouch!!

  61. says

    Loooove the pouch! Want it!

    Last night for dinner I had pizza. In-laws invited us over so I was polite and had a slice.

    Dinner tonight – pulled pork mac and cheese and a salad. Yum!

  62. Kara says

    You are the cutest, Monica! We’re having my strange but yummy concoction of rice, beans, corn with taco seasoning and some lime.

  63. Marija says

    Crazy night ahead of me and won’t get home til late, so I plan on having that Cobb salad with Avocado from’s SO good, one of my faves when I’m on the go!

  64. Lisa says

    I just learned about Roo Sport at my county fair last month of all places. They are super soft, lightweight, and hold a ton…I would love to have one of my own! On the menu tonight…baked chicken taquitos with fresh guac and pico.

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