Salad Plantation and PSA

I got an email this week from Heather trying to round up a group of the OC bloggers for dinner. 82 emails later it was cancelled, changed to fro-yo, back on, postponed and finally back on.

And that’s why we’re here and happy…IMG 7608 800x600 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

Well, I wasn’t happy at first. At first I was trying to ask the manager why this celery was so stale?!IMG 7609 600x800 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

Turns out it’s fake. IMG 7610 800x600 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

Skinny Runner was pretty excited and made some inappropriate advances towards the trays.IMG 7611 800x600 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

Round 1 – on the left is sweet potato chowder, corn bread, tater (didn’t eat), garlic bread (skipped this too) and salad.

But, I was the only one at the table who got SOUP! I tried to explain to the ladies that this place is called SOUP Plantation but they didn’t care. Actually we took a vote and will be calling it Salad Plantation from now on.IMG 7613 800x600 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

Truthfully, I didn’t come for the soup or the salad. I came for the chocolate chip cookies. A waiter came around and brought us a big pile of warm cookies straight from the oven. image thumb20 Salad Plantation and PSA

SR with her stash…IMG 7614 600x800 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

I was trying to be “good” but couldn’t resist the call of the chocolate lava cake. I kept it to a small serving and filled up on some grapes. IMG 7616 800x600 thumb Salad Plantation and PSA

Now that I think of it, maybe it should be called Chocolate Lava Cake Plantation. But that doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

Sheila and her boys also joined us and we took a group shot on the way to our cars. Salad Plantation gives us muscles! muscle mania thumb Salad Plantation and PSA (picture via SkinnyRunner)

PSA Girls on the Run Los Angeles needs two coaches! These are the   locations and day/time:

Lincoln Elementary in La Crescenta – Mon/Thurs, 3:15-4:30

Hugo Reid Elementary in Arcadia – Tues/Fri, 2:50-4:05

I live behind the orange curtain and am way too south to help, but I wanted to pass it on to my LA readers. Please email Megan if you’re interested in coaching and available on those specific days/time

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  1. kate says

    Oooh! Gallery Girls is my new weekly dose of (insert super good drug here), it’s the Yogurt Land of television.
    Those people are so delicious to watch because they don’t know that they aren’t in on the joke.
    It’s simply wonderful.

  2. says

    A- my children implanted a GPS on those cookies, SR better watch out

    B- I’m proud to say that we all arrived home fully clothed.

    C- My kids saw SR’s Smarty at the El Toro exit and were so happy to say goodbye appropriately clothed that time. Unfortunately you likely didn’t hear them screaming from inside the car

  3. says

    We need a souplantation in Laramie. Actually, we need a lot more than that. There isn’t much here. I wish Girls on the Run needed help here too. Jeesh I sound whiny.

  4. says

    Souplantation always gives me stomachaches, and I think it’s because of the muffins, even when I try to limit myself. Wah.

    That GOTR in Arcadia isn’t too far from me, but the hours are a wee bit early for me since I need to be at work until at least 4:15. But maybe someday…

  5. says


    I just wanted to say thanks for putting a fun twist on the whole weight-loss-blog thing. I am 57 pounds into my 119 pound weight loss goal and seeing someone like you who is accomplishing so much in a fun and spirited way is super inspiring – so, thanks!



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