Ask a Monican #43


After work today I took a 3 mile walk and came home to Ben washing the dishes and making dinner. Score! This was extra perfect because I needed to hit up the health foods store for some fiber stuff Jill wants me to take cause she says I’m full of shit. I took my time walking around and came back with a few fun new things! Dinner - My mom sent us home with green chilis on … [Read more...]

Brooks Beast Angela Bizzarri


Happy Wednesday! Is this week dragging for anyone else? Maybe it’s last week’s short Labor Day holiday, but I feel like it should be Friday afternoon already! Anyway, I obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed and went for a run to shake it off. Breakfast – I’ve been super uninspired for all my meals lately. After talking with Jill and realizing a lot of what I was … [Read more...]