Ask a Monican #43

After work today I took a 3 mile walk and came home to Ben washing the dishes and making dinner. Score!

This was extra perfect because I needed to hit up the health foods store for some fiber stuff Jill wants me to take cause she says I’m full of shit. I took my time walking around and came back with a few fun new things!

Dinner – My mom sent us home with green chilis on Sunday. I planned to make chili rellenos with them, but told Ben he could do his own thing.

Since we didn’t have flour to dip them in he stuffed the chilis with cheese, wrapped them in a tortilla and then cooked them in egg. Not what I would have done, but they were delicious!IMG_7630 (800x533)

I also grabbed a Zevia while at the store Smile IMG_7639 (800x533)

Ask a Monican #43

Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers:
1. I lost weight and ended up with a binge/purge eating disorder. Recently I realized I’m back up 10-15 pounds! How do I lose weight?!
2. I have an earlier than usual 10k coming up – how/what should I eat?
3. What the heck do you do?

Things mentioned in the video:

My fuel belt review and Chocolate Chunk Chobani review

Intuitive Eating

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on what she should eat before her early 10k!

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  1. Jacki says

    Hi, I just wanted to weigh in on the first question from Ask a Monican. I went through something similar, was overweight much of my childhood and developed a purge/binge eating disorder in High School and college to lose some weight and maintain. I have been binge/purge free since 2009. I never received professional help for my eating disorder, I had support from my family and friends. It is seriously a LIFE-THREATENING disease and not to be taken lightly…but I am just not into “professional” help. Anyway…flash forward to now…I maintain my weight through healthy eating…most of the time and exercise. I may not be the best example because my weight does fluctuate up and down 5-10 lbs…but I have come to accept that is what works for my body. If I end up on the higher end of 10-12 lbs in weight gain I just cut out desserts & try to limit night time snacking for a month or so and that helps me drop a few pounds with no other changes.

    You just have to be honest with yourself about why you want to lose weight…it’s hard…but once you have already been “diagnosed” with an eating disorder…it’s a slippery slope to go right back in to that altered thinking that says I have to be thin…I need to be thin…when really you need to be healthy…and losing weight fast and using EXTREME techniques is not healthy. Whatever you do…don’t worry about the 10-15 lbs…put it into perspective…in 20 years will you say OMG “I weighed 180 lbs for a whole year in my 20’s instead of 165 lbs…what a tragedy”. It won’t matter…we are not perfect…life’s a journey, enjoy the ride. Good luck.

  2. says

    I am all about oatmeal before runs. Normally I stick to a 1/2 size serving (1/4 cup) and a tbsp of peanut butter mixed in just to give it some oopmh but still keep it on the light side. The small bowl has done great for short and long runs.

  3. Lindsay says

    I struggled with binge/purge issues but was underweight and I just got out of treatment in August. I think that the commenter needs to remember that being a little heavier is a better option than returning to your eating disorder. I have come to accept the fact that I need to be heavier than I ever thought I needed to be. I love my body as it is because I am healthy, strong, and able to keep active!

  4. says

    LOVE fresh chiles and the dish Ben whipped up looks great. Thanks for the Fuel Belt review. I have one but use my handheld instead. I find the fuel belt bounces A LOT. But I’ve only tried it twice. Maybe I need to experiment more with where I have it. It looks like you’re wearing it lower on your hips than I was. Hopefully that will do the trick.

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