Bread and Blood

Happy Thursday!

Exercise – I think my legs needed a break from 3 days of running in a row so I hit up the Body Blast class at the gym. It was okay.

Yesterday I walked up and down all the aisles of a local health foods store. I was on a mission to find something new. I think I was hoping to stumble across a healthy version of a Reeses PB Cup only made out of chia seeds and organic oxygen. Sadly, I didn’t find that.

But I did find this Carb Zero bread. I heard about this bread from one of the Sole Runners I met a few weeks ago. One girl raved about it and the other said it tasted HORRIBLE! This piqued my curiosity so I was excited when I spotted it. Added bonus = it’s from a relatively local company.

IMG_7635 (800x600)

Ingredients of this magic gluten free, crab free, nut free, kitten free, duty free bread:

IMG_7637 (600x800)

I had two pieces with sunflower seed butter (on sale!) and jelly. Um. It tastes weird. You MUST use some kind of nut butter and/or jelly because this is not a bread you eat straight up. I’m even skeptical it would be okay in sandwich form.


Then, I drove to my doctors office with a pear.

IMG_7642 (600x800)

My doc is retesting my thyroid bloodiness. The bloodologist guy didn’t mind that I took a picture ‘for my blog’, but he laughed. How does he know RER is one big joke?!


Instead of a lollipop I get an iced coffee for being good at the doctor’s office Smile

IMG_7645 (600x800)

And since my doctor’s office is super way way far away I’m working from my mom’s with dogs at my feets.

IMG_7648 (800x600)

Oh nuts!

IMG_7649 (800x600)

Question: Are you a dog person or cat person or a human person?


  1. sally says

    DOG PERSON! And I miss the days so much of having my doodle sleeping at my feet. I use to work from home. Now I’m back in an office and just look at his picture a million times a day. =)

    I’m going to the doctor later and just took a tootsie pop from my bosses’ candy jar as a pre “good girl” reward. LOL!

  2. says

    Anything that is pretending to be a carb and isn’t can’t be trusted.
    I have found those Reese’s Cups!!! Unfortunately the oxygen isn’t organic so I bet you’re gonna snob on em.
    P.S. We have both dog and cats (all outside pets). The two kitties are rescues and one of the dogs is a rescue. The other two dogs (the only pets we intended to have) we bought. They all rock my face off but I would say I like the dogs more. I think that’s just because I am more allergic to cats than dogs and because cats refuse to fetch me things that I throw.

  3. says

    I’m sorry but I have a hard time believing something that is gluten-free and carb-free could actually be called “bread”. In my experience, all gluten-free bread tastes a little off, though I did find some awesome gluten-free english muffins at Whole Foods that in my opinion are better than the real deal. Of course, I can’t remember the brand name.

    I’m a total dog person. I treat my dog like she’s my child. :)

  4. Teresa says

    Oh Monica, I’m definitely a dog person. My dog, Oskar, is three and a half and I rescued him from the streets :(. Gladly, that’s on the past! Anyway, I love your blog and always read it but never say hi. I’m from Chile, so I was wondering whether you speak Spanish too? ahhaa just curious. I’m a 21 year-old marathon-trainee and just as you are, I’m madly in love with food haha I used to have a thyroid condition but it was mild and it cured itself when I lost weight and started running. (I’m 5’1” and used to weight about 135 pounds) I’ve been meat-free for three months now by the way, which is why I love your Meatless-Mondays!

    Have a nice day and thank you for running such an inspiring, interesting and funny blog!

  5. says

    Too bad that bread didn’t taste better – I would have ate it by the loaf.
    I always had a cat growing up, but my husband is allergic :(
    We had a dog, but he passed away and my sons allergies improved. I miss having a dog, bu it’s a lot of work too.

  6. says

    Dog person here:) Love my little Yorkie/Maltese – she is my baybay. Um… I made this no carb candy one time and it tasted liked dust. No lie. TERRIBLE!!! Um… if you make it through whole loaf ~ you deserve a medal.

  7. Meg says

    Definitely a dog person. My Jack Russell is needy and crazy but SO entertaining.
    Never tried gluten free bread, but have tried many sugar-free food/candy options and agree that it is really hit or miss on finding something that tastes edible.

  8. kate says

    I looked at that bread at my wee local health food store, but I passed because it was $7.49 (um, that’s like a lip balm and a froyo).
    Maybe you should toast that shit…that always makes my Jesus bread (you know, Ezekiel) better.

  9. says

    Oh, I use to be a DOG person…but my little boy friend (all 6 pounds and almost 5 months) becoming quite the INSIDE pooper/pee-er…NOT liking that one bit.

    I am changing to a “Human” person real soon…

  10. Jordan says

    I am a cat person. My fiance and I are totally obsessed with our cat. He even has his own bedroom. :)
    That bread is a really interesting find. I wonder how someone thought of the idea to make it? Weird.

  11. says

    I just got my blood taken today, too, to test my thyroid levels. but I didn’t think to take a photo of it!
    I am most definitely a dog person. If I am being completely honest, I’m a crazy dog person who treats their dog like their child!

  12. says

    Thank goodness for crab free bread 😉

    I’m a….every animal person? We only have cats, but if it were up to me I’d have many more…dogs, horses, bunnies, etc, but I’m REALLY pushing for a puppy right now…no luck, though. Hubby gets this panicked look on his face when I bring it up.

    Seriously, if you saw his reaction you’d think I was talking about having kids already O.o

  13. says

    I’m a human person…notsomuch for the am-in-als. That said we must have blood twins – I had to get a draw this morning too. I wanted to know that if my blood was broken why did they want so much?

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