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Hello! How was your weekend? Mine is slowly winding down and I’m on the couch watching #RHONJ with some dark chocolate. Overall, I’m going to give the weekend an “A” for awesomely hot. Luckily, my Sunday Set Up cleaning spree led me to something hidden in the depths of my freezer – I have one more Adonia Greek FroYo from my special delivery in June! Clearly key lime isn’t my … [Read more...]

Saturday Sushi


After my long run yesterday I took it super easy (read: lazy). I hung out on the couch watching Julie and Julia while eating watermelon. Totally my idea of a good time Ben was MIA at some science meeting thing and finally came home around 6pm starving so we headed straight out to dinner. I’ve been craving sushi so we tried a new to us place near by. I got the salmon bento … [Read more...]