Pumpkin OverRun Oats and Refuel At Fitbloggin

Happy Monday!

I’m not sure if it was the amazing dinner I had last night, the trash TV fix I got or the restful sleep I got but I woke up in a GREAT mood!

Run – Today was an easy day so I did 6 miles with my thoughts SmileIMG_7755 (800x533)

Before I left on my run I boiled up some eggs for the week. This way Ben grabbed a couple for breakfast and I can snack on them later. IMG_7754 (800x533)

I also made Pumpkin OverRun Oatspumpkin oats

Since I was feeling like something with lots o’ volume I made them a little different:

Cook up 1 packed of  LS maple brown sugar oatmeal in water.

Add 1/4c pumpkin, 1/4c cottage cheese, pumpkin pie spice, stevia drops and chia seeds (optional). Stir.

Place back in the fridge to cool while you take a walk or run.

Add Sunflower Seed butter because TJ’s had NO almond butter yesterday, which you find very alarming. IMG_7760 (800x533)

After 1 hour in the fridge the oats were perfected thick and custard-y in consistency. IMG_7764 (800x533)

When I got back from my run I prepped the crockpot with black bean soup. I have a busy day of work ahead, and I love that the crockpot is making dinner for me Smile

I’m headed to Baltimore on Thursday for the Fitbloggin Conference! fitbloggin

I’m being sponsored to attend by Chocolate Milk Refuel. I’ll be speaking on their panel on how chocolate milk is a great refuel beverage on Friday at 9:30am. got chocolate milk

And I’ll also be at the REFUEL booth at FitBloggin’ where you can apply to join Team REFUEL. You could win a $500 sponsorship, top-notch race gear,  or run a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series race or other free perks! The booth will be set up throughout the weekend.

Then, on Friday at 2pm I’ll be leading a discussion with Cynthia of It All Changes about Blogging: How Much is Too Much? It’s a discussion not a presentation where we would like anyone in attendance to share their thoughts on…

  • Where do you draw the line of what to share?
  • Would you rather die than post your weight on your blog? Do you care if others do?
  • Does oversharing make you anxious?
  • Do you take time off from blogging?
  • Have you considered skipping out of a blogger event because it’s nerve wracking?

If you are attending Fitbloggin please come to my sessions and please join in the discussion session.

Question: Did you wake up in a good mood today? Why or why not?


  1. says

    Pumpkin oats sound delicious!

    Good luck at Fitbloggin’. It’s funny that you mentiomed weight because I am so weird about posting my weight. I’ll tell you my measurements, by body fat, how much weight I lost, but I never post my weight. Not even my husband knows. I’m just so sensitive about it.

    I woke up tired today :)

  2. Dynamics says

    I woke up dreading my walk. Since I am not one to cancel, I got up and headed out. The weather was awesome. The walk was amazing. To top it off a personal trainer was holding a class of four and gave us such great encouragement. I love complete strangers who do that. Makes you feel really good. When I got home my neighbor opened my gate so I did not have to get out of my car. Score. The start of an awesome day for sure.

  3. says

    I woke up in SUCH a good mood on Saturday. I wasn’t that happy today, but still in a good mood considering it’s a monday morning at work! I’ve been taking my dog for a quick walk as soon as I wake up and get ready for the day; it’s been an awesome way to start the day!
    Have fun in Baltimore- sounds like you’ll be busy all weekend!

  4. says

    First and foremost, YAY for the East Coast. DMV. Representing. lol. Enough “DC” showing through. Secondly, I did black bean soup for the first time yesterday. Soaked the beans and everything. What a delicious, cheap meal.

    I woke up in a good mood. Put my music on and made a great breakfast. I crashed, hard, about 7:00 (I get up at 4:30). Just had my lunch time workout though so I’m good for a couple hours.

  5. says

    No good mood for me today. I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday and it’s still not healed, so I’m a bit crabby…being sidelined from my workouts apparently do that to me!

    Good luck at Fitbloggin’!

  6. says

    I did NOT wake up in a great mood, but that is because I had been waking up every hour or so all night. But I heading straight out the door for a 5 mile run and felt much better!

    Thanks for the avocado info. Going to have to look in to how to do that.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  7. says

    I was in a good mood. I spent the weekend out of the city with grade school friends and it was fantastic. I am kinda super duper busy this week but being away gave me renewed energy.

    Re: blogging. I obviously just started and have a goal of one post per day. I love when you (and others I follow) have like 2-3 posts per day. Your writing style is just good and I enjoy even the shortest updates about running or health related things.

    And I am going to do the unthinkable next week. A public weigh in! Slay me now.

  8. says

    Over sharing makes me anxious, yes indeed. But I am finding opening up to the world on my blog, if they care to read it, is a good thing. I am becoming a more open hearted person that way. Actually I don’t think I would mind posting my weight on my blog, I post my age, why not my weight too. LOL Have a great week. ^_^

  9. says

    I didn’t wake up in a great mood but i’m hoping to turn it around because I need to be positive… my best friend went in for emergency brain surgery this morning so i’m in a bit of a fog… any positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  10. says

    I just found out about Fitbloggin about a month ago and was so bummed that the conference was so close, I really want to go next year. It was just too last minute financially and time-wise to go this year.
    I am sure it’s a blast! Good luck!
    Hopefully I will see you there next year!

  11. says

    Wish I could attend! I would love to hear your opinions on those things. And also just generally hear the discussion. I hope you have fun and that the weekend away isn’t too stressful for you.

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