POTM 2012 Poll and SAVE!


I understand that no one wants to dress like me. I blame the fact that I wore  a Catholic school uniform for 12 years. Then, I replaced it with running clothes and bada-bing you’ve got a girl with no style. Buuuut, if you like to run and you like to eat you might want a Run Eat Repeat shirt… The shirt I’m wearing in my fuel belt review vlog is in my Spreadshirt shop too! It … [Read more...]

Eating 5 Times A Day


Hello Run: This morning I reluctantly laced up my shoes for a speed session of sorts. I randomly decided to do 2 800s, 2 1 mile repeats and 2 800s. My 800 and mile times are way too close so I don’t think I’m giving myself enough rest in between? The main thing is I did it even though it’s not my favorite. Go Me! Just the Tip Tuesday: I drained a few cups of the beans … [Read more...]