Ready Set Go


Hello! I was slammed all day and worked through lunch (I try not to do this or I get crazy). Mid-afternoon I had my favorite snack of the week – cereal and almond milk. Someone asked recently if I was growing out my bangs since I keep pinning them back. Nope, I just haven’t gotten them trimmed in way too long   Well, I finally got them trimmed today. I’m pretty excited … [Read more...]

Watermelon Soup Wednesday


Happy Wednesday! Yesterday after work I was running errands and time got away from me. I called Ben to start on dinner and he told me he sprained his ankle really bad and couldn’t really put weight on it. So, after a quick stop at RiteAid for ankle support supplies I threw together frozen meal/leftovers for dinner and we ate in front of the TV. Then, I made some cookies to … [Read more...]