Watermelon Soup Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday after work I was running errands and time got away from me. I called Ben to start on dinner and he told me he sprained his ankle really bad and couldn’t really put weight on it. So, after a quick stop at RiteAid for ankle support supplies I threw together frozen meal/leftovers for dinner and we ate in front of the TV.IMG_7802 (800x533)

Then, I made some cookies to make us feel better Winking smile 

I made half a batch of healthified chocolate chip with coconut sugar and ww flour. Again, I am not a good baker but warm cookies pretty much always taste delicious. IMG_7813 (800x533)

This morning I made him breakfast (I always do this) and helped him with some other stuff before leaving for my run. I nuked up a big bowl of banana oatmeal so I could take a couple of bites to fuel me up since I was headed out for more than an hour.IMG_7807 (800x533)

Then, I headed out for a 9 mile run. I was hoping for 10 but got a late start helping ol’ hobbly. image

Post run breakfast = watermelon soup (the rest of the watermelon in my container plus the juice) and eggs with toast.IMG_7815 (800x533)

I need to remember one side of my toast over is working over time and the other is asleep…IMG_7818 (800x533)

I’m headed to Baltimore tomorrow morning and have a lot to get done before that! Plus, my nerves are starting to kick in (does anyone else get super nervous about blog events?!).

Off to work, pack, blog, eat, repeat…

Question: How many times a year do you normally fly on a plane?


  1. says

    I am lucky if I get on a plane once a year…so sad.

    Nerves…girl I am usually a ball of nerves…for no good reason…anxiety? stress? control issues? to eat or not to eat? etc…etc…I can only imagine blog stuff…where you meet and talk with those that you previously only interacted with through the computer…oh, the sweat would be pouring down my pits. ha! (How is that for a visual? 😉

    You will do great and have an even better time…just be yourself!

  2. says

    At least 5-6 times a year. Just depends on the family and what vacations we plan to take. Some years are one big trip and others are several little trips.
    Is that Ben’s swollen ankle in the background of the picture? How is it feeling today?

    The Kidless Kronicles

  3. Aleks says

    I was curious and checked I had about 50 flights (so 25 roundtrips) this year so far… I travel both for work and to see my bf/family/friends that all live in different countries in Europe. Next 3 weekends are Geneva, Brussels and Milan. I have to say I hate packing and then living out of a suitcase, so not sure how long I can keep it up like this, but I love seeing new places!

    I had watermelon champagne soup as a starter once, would recommend it! Maybe not for a weekday breakfast (though I bet it could help with those nerves!).

  4. says

    I used to fly fairly often, I live in Vancouver, BC and went to University in Quebec for 6 years so there was a lot of back and forth travel, however, now I’m all settled I would say I fly maybe 1 x a year… I do miss my traveling days because I’m a big people watcher and there isn’t a better place than airports :)

  5. says

    I usually only fly 2-3 times per year (it’s so expensive for a family of 4 to fly anywhere!). But this year it’s a little more thanks to running the NYC Marathon in November and hopefully Boston in April (waiting to see if I got in).

  6. says

    Had lunch at my Gma’s today and she had another yellow watermelon fromt the local farmers market that was Mouthgasmic!! I have been wishing all day that I had asked to take a container of it with me back to work for a snack :(
    No melon snack. Woe is me.

  7. says

    Omg I love the Mexi-can shirt! Def gonna buy that one! Does it say anything on the back??

    Enjoy FitBloggin! I’m sure your session will be awesome! Will they be doing live feeds anywhere online? Dude I bet there will be hella cool swag too! Grab me some! LOL

    Have a safe trip!

  8. Tabatha Rhodes says

    I generally fly once or twice a year to visit my family across the country. Glad to see I’m not the only one who eats the toast even if it’s burnt lol.

  9. says

    Hey how is that Arctic Zero? Good tasting? I’m always looking for a good replacement to the daily supplement of ice cream or yogurt I battle. How ( clear throat) healthy is it?

  10. says

    A year?!?! Sometimes I do it every other weekend or even 3 out of 4, mostly for run/events and the flights are pretty short – an hour or so.

  11. says

    I have only flown a handful of times in my life. Growing up my entire family was in one part of one state. It’s only more recently that I have had relatives move further away. In fact, I have to save up money to fly to Hawaii next year for my cousin’s wedding because she lives there now.

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