I (barely) Made it to Fitbloggin!

Hello from my lovely hotel room in Baltimore Smile

I’m blogging from bed in my chonies jammies and trying to figure out how to divide my night up so I can sleep on both these beds. Oh the perks of Tina not wanting to room with you because you turn a pristine hotel room into a hoarder’s paradise (see: Blogher Food fun).IMG_7716 (800x600)

As the title states I barely made it! My flight to Dallas landed at 1:49pm and my flight to BWI boarded at 2:05. When you factor in waiting for everyone to leisurely get off the plane and that the Dallas airport is HUGE I was the last one to get on the flight. Whew.

I considered running to my terminal, but the signs said the shuttle took 14 minutes and walking took 22. I couldn’t do the math fast enough to assess if running with my bags would be faster. Plus, the last time I tried to run to catch a flight I missed it and swear by the “if you’re running in the airport you’ve already missed it…” theory (<- that I made up after that day).

Wow. Tangent.

I ate my packed lunch from Dallas to Baltimore…IMG_7828 (800x533)

And realized an egg salad sandwich was a bad choice for plane fare. At least it wasn’t a chorizo burrito (my dad has brought those on planes before).IMG_7704 (800x600)

Finally after a day of travels (that is why I take red eyes going from west to east, but hate them) I landed in my home away from home, Maryland. I took the Super Shuttle to the hotel and a group of us went off in search of dinner. IMG_7705 (800x600)

The first place we tried had a 45+ minute wait. No thanks. So this nice security guy directed us to Plan B. IMG_7706 (800x600)

Since there were small plates on the table when we sat down I thought we were going to get bread. So, I ordered the salmon salad and figured I’d have a piece.IMG_7710 (800x600)

Tragically, no bread appeared in front of me so I stole one of Tina’s weird triangle crisps because she hates bread, puppies and happiness. Okay, mostly bread.IMG_7712 (800x600)

IMG_7714 (800x600)

The dinner bunch included:

A few Laughing Cow reps <- Hey ladies I LOVE laughing cow too!

Sarah from Diet Sarah

Brittany from Eating Bird Food

Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers

Me from my mom’s belly

Tina from Carrots n Cake

Lindsey from Lindsey’s List

Now I’m cranking up the heat (they had the room at 62 when I got in?!) and trying to get some sleep. Luckily, I am super tired even though I should feel like it’s 3 hours earlier.IMG_7717 (800x600)

See ya later!


  1. says

    Fun Bunch….I would be the one who WOULD ACTUALLY miss the plane…b/c of my lack of airline savvy of course, I would have tried to run..thinking I am better than any shuttle…hahha!

  2. brittney says

    Did you eat at brio tuscan grille? You should definitely have gotten free bread. Their bread is one of my favorites! I live in Baltimore and if you have a chance you should check out Fell’s Point. Cutest place with a bunch of shoppes and restaurants… but most importantly, pitango gelato! It’s organic and uses only natural, fresh ingredients from their farm in Pennsylvania. Delicious.

  3. Suzanne says

    At first glance at your hotel room picture I thought you brought a foam roller with you and thought, “that’s a lot to pack for a trip…”. I didn’t think it was weird or anything. Then I saw a second one on the other bed and realized they are decorative pillows. It cracked me up. :)

    Have fun in Baltimore! I love hanging out in that town.

  4. says

    This whole post was hilarious. It’s so strange seeing that picture of you all together. As a non-big-deal-blogger, it’s crazy that you all who have huge followings also hanging out!

  5. says

    That’s crazy about the flights- what a stressful start to the weekend! Glad I could connect and say hi to a fellow redhead… would have loved to chat more. There were so many people to connect with! The weekend flew by, but it was a blast!

  6. says

    I’m so jealous you got to go to the Fitbloggin conference!! 😀 One of these days, I’ll work up the nerve to make my conference debut ;). I wish I could find more stuff going on down here in So. Cal because that seems like a much less scary starting place. Can’t wait to read more about the conference!

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