Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday


After my 15 miler and breakfast I walked around and checked out the sponsors. Fitbloggin’s expo is fairly small but they’re pretty much all companies I already really love. There was a Laughing Cow snack break after the first session and I finally got to try the Cinnamon Cream Cheese. Yes, it’s good. Is it sad that is was my favorite event of the day? After the break I went … [Read more...]

Friday Fun at Fitbloggin


I’m having so much fun at Fitbloggin!!! But there is a ton of stuff packed into one weekend so I’m keeping this post short and picture heavy. I’ll elaborate tomorrow, feel free to ask questions in the comments so I know which direction to take things. Lunch at Fitbloggin Friday: At 2pm I led a discussion with Cynthia of It All Changes on Oversharing and Blogging.  “Hello, my … [Read more...]