Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

IMG 7781 600x800 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

After my 15 miler and breakfast I walked around and checked out the sponsors. Fitbloggin’s expo is fairly small but they’re pretty much all companies I already really love.IMG 7737 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–SaturdayIMG 7726 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

There was a Laughing Cow snack break after the first session and I finally got to try the Cinnamon Cream Cheese. Yes, it’s good.image thumb35 Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

Is it sad that is was my favorite event of the day?IMG 7788 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

After the break I went to the Growing an Online Community through TwitterIMG 7787 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

Some takeaways:

  1. Get on twitter, hello
  2. Post “re-tweetable” content
  3. Use hashtags of the communities where your potential readers are
  4. Don’t just reach out and ask for something – create relationships with tweeters in your community
  5. Post tweets in 120 characters or less so people can re-tweet and reply without losing your content

Then, it was time for lunch.IMG 7790 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

IMG 7791 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–SaturdayIMG 7793 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

And we took the annual group shot.IMG 7797 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

After lunch I grabbed this new Soy Joy bar for dessert. It’s Dark Chocolate Cherry and super delicious!IMG 7798 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

Baltimore was gorgeous today!!!IMG 7783 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

There were great speakers and presentations at Fitbloggin, but a huge part of the reason I come to blog conferences is to see my friends! Blogging has enabled me to form friendships with girls from all around the US. But since we live so far from each other I cherish these conferences to catch up.

Brittany from Eating Bird Food lives in VA! I hope we can hang out when I go there with Sabra icon smile Fitbloggin 2012–SaturdayIMG 7786 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

And the reason this all happened – Roni. She created Fitbloggin three years ago and it’s my favorite.IMG 7799 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

After the conference my friend Kristin came to pick me up.

If you’re been reading RER for a few years (I’m sorry) you may remember Ben and I lived in Maryland for one year. Matt and Kristin were our only friends in Maryland (or ever really) and we really miss them. I’m staying with them and their new baby Saturday night to catch up.

I had an apple and some nuts when I got there. IMG 7802 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

I got to meet Kylie for the first time. IMG 7804 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

IMG 7808 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

IMG 7814 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

My entire mission in Maryland was to

A.) Not embarrass myself at Fitbloggin

B.) Eat Maryland crab cakes

Well, you can’t win them all so after I failed at “A” I figured I had to complete “B”.

So we went to The Big Fish Grille for dinner. It was 5:54pm and 85 degrees.IMG 7818 600x800 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

Started with some sweet Moscato IMG 7824 600x800 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

I spilt the crab cake appetizer with Matt…IMG 7826 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

And got a salad with tons of fancy toppings. Unfortunately the cartelized pear didn’t impress.IMG 7821 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

Matt suggested Cold Stone on the way home and I didn’t want to be a rude guest and veto their suggestion so we went. I got the Like It Sinless Sweet Cream with graham cracker pie crust and chocolate shavings. I’m a froyo girl all the way, but this was delicious.IMG 7828 800x600 thumb Fitbloggin 2012–Saturday

Now we’re catching up with some wine.

I mean, we’re catching up with each other and drinking wine…

Kinda like the time we went to Wine in the Woods together


  1. says

    Kind of like my hubby who yearly attends the State Planning Conference…(he is a Community Development Director for a city) when I ask him where it is each year he tells me about the awesome golf course that he and his buddies will be able to golf….yea, its all about the conference right hon? ha!

  2. says

    It was lovely getting to catch up with you Monica – you’re so down to earth and really fun to hang out with!

    Definitely let me know more about the Sabra trip. I would love to see you when you’re in Richmond. :)

  3. says

    I have been following you and Tina and some other bloggers all weekend while you are at Fitbloggin and it looks like such a blast and I definitely hope to attend next year’s conference!

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