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Hello from the sky (again)! These cross country trips are kinda rough when you’re just staying for a weekend. But, I had a complete blast! I’m tired with a big smile Smileinside the plane

After breakfast Kristin, Matt, Kylie and I took a walk in the woods. It’s like wine in the woods, but not as fun. And sober (in case that wasn’t obvious). maryland hikerailroad tracks

Trains that transport coal use these tracks and we saw a couple of pieces that had jumped ship.railroad maryland

so green hike on tracks

After our walk I showered and packed up my stuff. I received a ton of great swag from Fitbloggin, but unfortunately couldn’t take most of it with me. I gave Kristin my loot and told her to take the aminos before her workouts. Hopefully it makes her runs easier and she rocks her upcoming race!be epic

She put out an entire salad bar for lunch…salad stuff

My bowl with Willow in the background Smilesalad outside

Then, it was time for me to say good bye Sad smile

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this but I am horrible with goodbyes. I can’t handle them and get overly sad for some reason? I am not an emotional girl AT ALL, but when ever I am leaving home or leaving from a trip I get super sad.

It was so so great to see Kristin and Matt and finally meet Kylie! Last year when I visited she was still on the inside! You can read about last year’s trip to Fitbloggin and visit to K & M here.

bwi airport

See ya later Merry-land!delta plane

Kristin hooked me up with snacks for the plane and I had the apple and yogurt on my first flight.snacks on a plane

My flight from Atlanta to Orange County was 4 hours so I grabbed a salad for dinner. I wanted to get some Chinese food – like stir fried veggies and chicken, but there was a super long line and I didn’t have time. I bet that craving is going to stick around until I get some.airport salad

I’m on a Delta flight so I’m hoping they come around with Biscoff cookies soon!

Question: What is your favorite snack to eat while traveling?

I don’t know how I stay strong around the smell of Wetzel’s Pretzels in the airport! I always want one!


  1. says

    I have a bad habit of bringing brussels sprouts on trips…..they do not travel well… but I love them! I try to eat them in “airy” places and not on the plane itself. Also I pack yogurt in plastic baggies, because I love to challenge the TSA people. 80% of the time they don’t notice that it is not a 3oz bottle of liquids/gels/whatever.

    Fitbloggin was fun! I saw you around a few times, but you always seemed busy so I didn’t want to interrupt to introduce myself. Maybe next time!

  2. says

    I discovered those pretzels just last month when I was in the States! So good! I can’t believe I had never heard of them before! I saw pretzel and thought those little cracker type things.

  3. Ida says

    apples and trail mix are my go-to travel foods. I also love ordering bloody mary mix during flights, but never buy it to drink at home….

  4. says

    mine are cherry tomatoes and dried sausages (like beef jerky but the pork kind. really popular here in NL). oh and carrots. and almonds :)

    we didn’t really meet this weekend, I just kept missing you I think, but great that you made it out :)

  5. Melissa says

    I fly Delta all the time – love their biscoff cookies! But I’m with ‘ya, flying cross-country for the weekend is absolutely exhausting!

    Just curious, who takes your picture at the airport?

  6. says

    Did you take that yogurt through security? I thought it might be confiscated as a “liquid”. I bring protein bars, trail mix and apples. Bananas do not tracek well. 😛

  7. Paige says

    My favorite go to snack to pack for flights and traveling is Fullbar. I order them off fullbar.com and eat while I am on the plane. It also helps prevent me from getting the fattening foods and airports when I get there early or have a layover. I also enjoy Fullbar because it helps get my diet on check when I am traveling and do not have the time to workout.

  8. says

    Ugh, Cinnabons are my weakness when traveling. I try to stay strong around them though. Sorry that you’re sad the weekend is over, but that’s how you know it was a good one!

  9. says

    i’m a weirdo, I get a bit nervous flying so I like comfort food.. to me a big Tupperware container of buckwheat porridge with banana, peanut butter and honey screams comfort to me

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