Adora Calcium Giveaway


Alternate titles – TMI Tuesday? Today I took a walk after work and called my peep Chandra. I don’t know how we got on the subject of boys (False. that’s all we talk about) but I admitted to her that I used to have the BIGGEST crush on David Letterman. I think she’s judging me and maybe I should have kept it to myself (source) This afternoon I got the biggest chocolate … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Tuesday–Pumpkin Butter is Back


Look I’m Woody Howdy howdy howdy! This morning I woke up at 5am – well before my alarm. Guess I’m somehow still on east coast time? I decided to crawl out of bed and start my day early. After a bit of stalling on twitter (waiting for the sun to come up) – I headed out the door for a tempo run. Tuesdays have been my speed runs of late, but I wanted to do something new today. 5 … [Read more...]