Rotta Port Wine


How’s your week going? I kinda feel like it’s speeding by! Mid-morning I stalled lunch hunger pangs with a handful of cashews. You’ve seen them before Lunch - I may turn into an egg soon because I cannot get enough of them lately! I made egg salad for lunch and paired it with tons of Sabra hummus and snap peas. Then, I was on a conference call when the Cabot fairy delivered … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Nut Butter Recall


Hello! Since I was traveling on Sunday and skipped my Sunday Set Up routine I didn’t really have a workout planned for today.  I decided to hit the gym for a strength session. Ran there 1.5 miles, weights, walk back. When I got back I was HUNGRY and wanted something very filling. Lately my eggs and toast have left me wanting something else. So, I snacked on some … [Read more...]