Frappuccino Friday Fun


I had a lunch meeting with my friend Pam (the OC Triathlon coach) at Starbucks. She’s working on her website and I tried to help her with a few things. I bought an iced tea and also scored a sample of their Pumpkin Frappuccino when the barista came walking around with them! Deelish! As promised, I made a pumpkin cookie recipe that I’ll share as soon as I write it up. They … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #44


Happy Friday! Yesterday after work Ben came with me to return the tainted almond butter to Trader Joes. Unfortunately, I made the rookie mistake of us shopping when we were hungry   We ended up with a lot of extra goodies in the cart like these chocolate hazelnut cookies. (Note the way the box is ripped open like we’re animals.) Fortunately (?), after eating 2 cookies … [Read more...]