Thai Food and 21 Miles


Friday night after work Ben and I went out for Thai food. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but there are dozens of Thai places on every block around here. And they’re all good! We tried a new to us place and of course it was amazing wlEmoticon smile31 Thai Food and 21 Miles

I like a lot of drinks.

IMG 7962 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

(Actually, we both ordered the dinner special and they each came with either a Thai tea or Thai coffee.)

Start with soup.

IMG 7964 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

The special came with soup, appetizer and main course.IMG 7965 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

I ordered the chicken and veggies with brown rice.IMG 7967 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

This morning I had a long run on the schedule. I woke up early to beat the heat and to try and make it to brunch.

Pre-run: IMG 7974 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

Mid-run:IMG 7976 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

Then, my Garmin broke.

It stopped working at mile 10 and I was supposed to do 22 miles?! So, I completely freaked out and quit. I cannot run without knowing my mile splits.

Ha. Yeah, not me at all. It was almost a relief so I could go slow without feeling guilty about it. Seriously though, I wish I was more anal about this stuff.

21.5 miles done and done.

IMG 7979 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

After 3+ hours of running I was delirious and made this random vlog for some reason. What a weirdo.

After my run I did my usual routine = Whole Foods. I took these pics in the car so I could bust into the food on the way home if I wanted. IMG 7989 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

I got some dessert from the hot dessert bar and took a bite of each so I could share with Ben. (Update: I just got home from brunch and he hasn’t eaten any of it. I’m taking it back.)IMG 7992 600x800 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

I was really hoping WF didn’t have bags of ice, but they do. So, that meant I had to take an ice bath. I did it. Go me.IMG 7993 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

Skinny Runner invited the girls over for brunch so I rushed over to try and catch the tail end of it. She had quite the spread!IMG 7994 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

I thought we were friends, but it turns out she really hates me because she made this delicious monkey bread and set it right in front of me. Thanks b.IMG 8000 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

To get even I mixed up all her Starbucks coffee mugs. They were in alphabetical order and now she’ll probably stay up all night fixing it. Remember, I before E…IMG 8002 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

Nomosas = mimosa without OJIMG 8004 600x800 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

Margot headed out at a decent hour, but I ended up staying until after 4! Time flies when you’re talking about running and blogging or it flies when you’re drinking champagne. One of those.IMG 8003 600x800 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

Finally, Marni put her foot paw down and asked me to leave. IMG 7999 800x600 thumb Thai Food and 21 Miles

So, now I’m back at home trying to not fall asleep. I’m suddenly exhausted!

See ya later wlEmoticon smile31 Thai Food and 21 Miles


  1. kate says

    I could eat that entire f-in’ monkey bread in about 35 minutes.
    Gosh it looks evil.

    (just in case you forgot)

  2. says

    Congrats on finishing your long run. I really can’t imagine going that far- I feel like the 7 miles I did is an accomplishment, so I can’t imagine how I’d feel after 21. I used to eat Thai Food regularly in college, but haven’t had it much since then- I miss it!

  3. Amy says

    Hey, Garmin, you reading this? Can you just send Monica a new Forerunner for review (and keep)?

    Seriously, they should. I actually just broke down and bought one after reading so many of your posts showing yours and your splits. I missed knowing all of that techy run info. :)

    See, Garmin! Monica’s an ambassador!

  4. Nicole says

    I just sent in my garmin for a “repair” when it died for good. They send you a refurbished (kind of new one) and for me, it was only $69- much cheaper than a new one :) just so you know…

  5. says

    you guys are so cute…you should have a group blog together of your outings and then plan a big get together for all your weirdo readers. ;-) Just saying.

  6. says

    Congratulations on the long run! Great job. My Garmin just died this week too. :( I feel so behind for NYC Training, I have only done 2 18 milers so far, I wanted to do a long run this weekend but ran the Hot Chocolate 15k instead. I must do at least 20 next weekend!

  7. says

    Omg did they give you a teenie wedge of watermelon with your thai dish!? Hahaha…they know you so well! (or not, it should have been bigger).
    I dislike how Thai places give you cans of soda…no free refills :(

  8. says

    Very impressive! So, when you say that you do a 21 mile run, do you literally mean that you RAN 21 miles? Or is it mixed up with walking? I run but I do not do long, long runs like that. I normally stay with 5 or 10k races so I have never had to do a long run though I am planning on doing a half marathon in the spring. Are you using a running/walking strategy or are you running the whole thing?

  9. says

    Nice job on the 21. Are you doing Nike full or half? I was up your way Friday. I should’ve emailed you so you can teach me the Whole Foods way. Ha ha. I’ve never been. See you in a couple weeks!!

    • says

      Oh, we should meet up for lunch at Whole Foods next time. Let me know :)

      Sadly, I’m having to opt out of Nike Women’s because I’m doing a trip with Sabra. My next ‘big’ race is the NY full.

  10. Melissa says

    “I’d like to thank the creator of chocolate Gu”…this literally made me laugh out loud! That was priceless :) I did 20 today and had a chocolate Gu (with caffeine!) at the 12 mile mark–(though I had not seen your vlog at that point) but now I will think of that next long run when I’m busting out with the overpriced chocolate frosting!

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