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Hello from Fitbloggin! This morning started with a banana. You’ve got to fuel up before you run! Then, the banana Tina, Lindsay and I ran 4 miles around the inner harbor. It was gorgeous out! I did a quick wardrobe change and headed down for breakfast. This is a breakfast quinoa with cream cheese & fruit and an egg quinoa frittata. I ate while everyone else … [Read more...]

I (barely) Made it to Fitbloggin!


Hello from my lovely hotel room in Baltimore I’m blogging from bed in my chonies jammies and trying to figure out how to divide my night up so I can sleep on both these beds. Oh the perks of Tina not wanting to room with you because you turn a pristine hotel room into a hoarder’s paradise (see: Blogher Food fun). As the title states I barely made it! My flight to Dallas … [Read more...]

The Airport Game


Happy Thursday! I’m blogging to you live from 30,000 feet in the air. This morning I woke up around 5am and got out the door for a run. I ran to the gym, did a strength session and back around for 4 miles total. I took off my MotoAct while I was at the gym so it was lying on the floor for 30 minutes. But, for some reason it thinks I torched 4,000 calories on that workout?! … [Read more...]

Ready Set Go


Hello! I was slammed all day and worked through lunch (I try not to do this or I get crazy). Mid-afternoon I had my favorite snack of the week – cereal and almond milk. Someone asked recently if I was growing out my bangs since I keep pinning them back. Nope, I just haven’t gotten them trimmed in way too long   Well, I finally got them trimmed today. I’m pretty excited … [Read more...]

Watermelon Soup Wednesday


Happy Wednesday! Yesterday after work I was running errands and time got away from me. I called Ben to start on dinner and he told me he sprained his ankle really bad and couldn’t really put weight on it. So, after a quick stop at RiteAid for ankle support supplies I threw together frozen meal/leftovers for dinner and we ate in front of the TV. Then, I made some cookies to … [Read more...]

POTM 2012 Poll and SAVE!


I understand that no one wants to dress like me. I blame the fact that I wore  a Catholic school uniform for 12 years. Then, I replaced it with running clothes and bada-bing you’ve got a girl with no style. Buuuut, if you like to run and you like to eat you might want a Run Eat Repeat shirt… The shirt I’m wearing in my fuel belt review vlog is in my Spreadshirt shop too! It … [Read more...]

Eating 5 Times A Day


Hello Run: This morning I reluctantly laced up my shoes for a speed session of sorts. I randomly decided to do 2 800s, 2 1 mile repeats and 2 800s. My 800 and mile times are way too close so I don’t think I’m giving myself enough rest in between? The main thing is I did it even though it’s not my favorite. Go Me! Just the Tip Tuesday: I drained a few cups of the beans … [Read more...]

CrockPot Black Bean Soup Recipe


I wasn’t really feeling the Meatless Monday thing this week (again), but it just so happens that the meal I’ve been cooking up all day is meatless and Mexican-y. Score one for the accidental Mexican Meatless Monday! I really want to try and make a crockpot meal at least once a week so that was my #1 goal as I put together a dinner plan for this week. I had this package of … [Read more...]

Pumpkin OverRun Oats and Refuel At Fitbloggin


Happy Monday! I’m not sure if it was the amazing dinner I had last night, the trash TV fix I got or the restful sleep I got but I woke up in a GREAT mood! Run – Today was an easy day so I did 6 miles with my thoughts Before I left on my run I boiled up some eggs for the week. This way Ben grabbed a couple for breakfast and I can snack on them later. I also made Pumpkin … [Read more...]

Search My Sunday


Hello! How was your weekend? Mine is slowly winding down and I’m on the couch watching #RHONJ with some dark chocolate. Overall, I’m going to give the weekend an “A” for awesomely hot. Luckily, my Sunday Set Up cleaning spree led me to something hidden in the depths of my freezer – I have one more Adonia Greek FroYo from my special delivery in June! Clearly key lime isn’t my … [Read more...]

Saturday Sushi


After my long run yesterday I took it super easy (read: lazy). I hung out on the couch watching Julie and Julia while eating watermelon. Totally my idea of a good time Ben was MIA at some science meeting thing and finally came home around 6pm starving so we headed straight out to dinner. I’ve been craving sushi so we tried a new to us place near by. I got the salmon bento … [Read more...]

Long Run Report–20 miles


Happy Saturday! Last night I was on my own for dinner last night and hit up the store for what I was craving – a frozen meal (read: not cooking). I paired it with a ton of Sabra hummus and carrots. Oh, I put more salt on the frozen meal which probably already has 55% the daily recommendation of sodium. But, I also drank a gallon+ of liquids yesterday so I figure it evens … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday


Ha, I just wrote “flask-back Friday”. I had a margarita with my Refine mixers last night and it was amazing Guess my brain wants another one right now tonight! This morning I did an easy 3 mile run / 1 mile walk. I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow and am trying to take it easy. Maybe I shouldn’t hit the bottle tonight actually… especially because it’s going to be 90 … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday


Hello! How’s it going? I spent the day working from my mom’s and raiding her fridge. Luckily she has watermelon and ‘salad stuff’ so I was all set for lunch. Around 2pm I got hungry and grabbed this new Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. Yeahhh, it’s way too sweet. This is probably because it has fake sweetener and junk. Why do they overcompensate with fake sugar?! But, I’m a big … [Read more...]

Bread and Blood


Happy Thursday! Exercise – I think my legs needed a break from 3 days of running in a row so I hit up the Body Blast class at the gym. It was okay. Yesterday I walked up and down all the aisles of a local health foods store. I was on a mission to find something new. I think I was hoping to stumble across a healthy version of a Reeses PB Cup only made out of chia seeds and … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #43


After work today I took a 3 mile walk and came home to Ben washing the dishes and making dinner. Score! This was extra perfect because I needed to hit up the health foods store for some fiber stuff Jill wants me to take cause she says I’m full of shit. I took my time walking around and came back with a few fun new things! Dinner - My mom sent us home with green chilis on … [Read more...]