Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

After my sad attempt at a healthy pumpkin pudding recipe, I heard you ask for a delicious pumpkin creation. Luckily, this recipe is still fairly healthy (if you just eat the cookies straight up). And it is the easiest cookie recipe ever! All you need are 2 ingredients - 3 if you want to make pumpkin whoopie pies. Ingredients: one box of cake mix – if you’re making … [Read more...]

Sept Highlights and October Goals

Hello!!! Despite staying up too late last night (watching #RHONJ) I woke up bright and early today. Run = 6 miles easy. My left knee felt a little tired at first, but other than that I feel fine for running so much on Saturday! And I’m not sore at all from kayaking yesterday! I was afraid I was going to be  super messed up since it makes me super tense in the neck area. … [Read more...]