Sept Highlights and October Goals

Hello!!! Despite staying up too late last night (watching #RHONJ) I woke up bright and early today.

Run = 6 miles easy. My left knee felt a little tired at first, but other than that I feel fine for running so much on Saturday!image

And I’m not sore at all from kayaking yesterday! I was afraid I was going to be  super messed up since it makes me super tense in the neck area.

It’s October 1st,  which means:

1.) It’s time to figure out a Halloween costume

2.) There are only 84 days until Christmas!

3.) I have a pimple on my chin

4.) For the next 30 days candy corn is a ‘free’ food and you can eat as much as you’d like

5.) There are only 90 days left to make those 2012 NY Resolutions happen

6.) I need to recap September

September 2012 RER Highlights:

Favorite Run:

It’s a tie between my 13 mile run in Florida when we visited Ben’s fam.

and my 4 miler in Baltimore with my favorite banana.IMG_7255 (800x600)

Favorite Eat:

Eating dinner at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland!IMG_7502 (800x600)

Favorite post I’d like to Repeat:

Hanging out at Boca Grande with Ben’s fam. When I look at this post it makes me super excited to visit for 2 weeks in December. Ahhhh vacation Smile

October Goals:

1. Brush teeth when 8pm alarm goes off AND get 8 hours of sleep!

2. Stretch after each run and go to Yoga 1x a week (I’ve been better about the stretching, just need some yoga in my life now).

3. Plan one healthy snack in the afternoon instead of grazing.

Question: What are your October goals?

Who watched the #RHONJ reunion?! Let’s discuss.

I can’t believe the ladies haven’t talked/seen each other since the fashion show. When was that?

I’m was surprised Teresa and Jacqueline hadn’t made up. How can you be best friends with someone and then nothing?

I think Teresa either has too many people around her that just agree with her delusions or she has lost it.


  1. says

    Glad you’re not sore from kayaking- my neck is super tense when I do stuff like that, too!
    I think one of my October goals is also to go to yoga once a week.
    And to try to cross train more since I’m not training specifically right now. (If it wasn’t so hard on my body, I’d run every single day!)
    Happy October!!

  2. says

    That reunion was CRAZY!!!! Can’t wait to see parts 2 & 3. I’m pretty sure Teresa has straight up LOST IT though…she was taking cheap shots at everyone last night too outside of even her “normal” crazy. Is it bad to say I’m not really a fan of Kathy’s nose job? (Even though I like Kathy…she may be one of my favs)

    • Jackie S. says

      I’ll second that! Candy corn is a vegetable, right?

      I already bought candy corn this year, but it was the kind Jelly Belly makes — it was NOT good! Gotta go with the classic.

  3. says

    I love that you said candy corn is a free food! I just had a small handful before my run today. A girl’s gotta fuel.

    It is my all-time favorite candy. I am so excited for Fall.

    My October goal is to get under 8 minute miles for my 5K next weekend!

  4. april says

    i agree, i think teresa has become completely delusional and her “friends” probably enable her to continue acting this way. it’s so sad…

    are you running the LA marathon in march? i just registered and i’m super nervous/excited. it’s going to be my first!

  5. says

    Teresa = Delusional! Agreed!

    I totally understand not becoming friend again after being burned or mistreated…well, “bf’s” any way, they can be friends but it will never probably be the same.

    October goals..NOT TO indulge on every Halloween candy I am around!! 😉

  6. says

    Every single year I try to figure out if I actually like candy corn or if I just like sugar. I can never seem to determine one way or the other for sure.

  7. Ashley J says

    I will run my first half-marathon in October so my main goal is to stay strong in this last stretch of training and to feel good about myself no matter what the time!

    Your blog has really helped me keep motivated and interested/entertained by my new running adventures!

  8. Cate says

    Teresa is a clueless moron. Nothing was accomplished during last night’s episode because everyone talks over each other. It is very frustrating! This is quality TV we’re talking about! :)

  9. Shannon says

    Great goals for the month! I would like just one goal for me to come true…..get my hinnie back to the gym! Pathetic I know.

    RHNJ has become so sad. I think that Teresa has had to hold it together for so long she is mentally/emtionally breaking down. The stupid digs she kept throwing out were a defense mechanism. If you look at her threw out the show she presented herself very poorly, barely there. Kathy the pot stirrer looks so comical with her nose job and lip filler ~ why she was pretty before! Teresa is very good as looking like she is a good girl, a victim, etc. ~ she isnt, however, she is the least icky of them all. Jacqueline has to get over it. All season she acted like a victim, that she doesnt stink ~ but I hate to say it she does. And Caroline ~ bully, not impressed with her at all. Nor her daughter who has the mouth of a sewer rat.

    Sorry so long….thanks for listening:)

  10. says

    October 1st also means 33 days until the NYC Marathon! I’m so excited, but a little concerned since my longest run has only been 18 miles. I suppose that needs to be my October goal, two 20 mile long runs before NYC.

  11. says

    My September goal was to be able to touch my toes and I haven’t quite gotten there yet…so that goal’s going to have to continue into October, methinks.

    And also: my birthday is on the 24th. So another October goal = have a kickass birthday. 😀

  12. says

    my October goals are to run outside more, I tend to stay on the treadmill when the temps drop but I need to stop being a baby because the fresh air always makes me feel so much better

  13. Theresa says

    I could not believe how delusional teresa is!! She has seriously lost it and the way she speaks to everyone is out of control! On a side note, i really hope andy cohen is drunk during these reunion shows because i think that’s the only way you would be able to maintain any sanity. On another side note, kathy looks MUCH better pre-plastic surgery than she does now. My RHONJ rant is now over. Thank you and you’re welcome:)

  14. Carrie says

    The reuinion was crazy!! Teresa is so awful- it’s truly hard to watch her. Rosie is my favorite by far!

    Also, rws of New York has been a super intense season. I loathe Aviva… Used to feel that way about Kelly. It’s like they always have to throw someone in there who is worse than all the others by far.

  15. says

    I’ve been looking into more of the hypothyroidism…..and now I’m h-angry. Hungry angry.
    Every food mentioned to trigger it is a supposedly helpful female food (ie broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale, pears, soy, etc).
    …yet 300 billion types of fruits are ok but only like 1.5 veggies are fine.
    …yet “fruits make you fat”.
    …yet then it says if you cook these foods, you’re fine.
    …yet you’re not supposed to cook them b/c it ruins the health benefits.


    I agree with everything in moderation so, yes, if your diet is solely the current fad Kale diet (or the previous fads of a spinach diet or soy diet or etc) then, yes, there will be problems. B/c nutrition needs go beyond one “silver bullet” food. But sheesh. Doesn’t everything seem so severely conflicting??? All we’re trying to do is eat healthy. Oy!

    Hangry grrrr hangry grrrr hangry grrrr hangry.

  16. Adrianna says

    candy corn is the only candy I like. love actually.
    as for cookies, brownies, and frosting…could live on those elements.

  17. says

    I love that #4 says candy corn is a free food! This was my favorite sentence of the post and have practiced that rule the last 3 years. I hope that also includes the variations of candy corn (green apple, caramel apple, mallow pumpkins) because I can’t get enough of any of them!

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