Hispanic Heritage Month Giveaway

I was having a really hard time saying good bye to my lil Garmino and Skinny Runner lent me her old 405 to fill the void for now. It’s a lot smaller so it was difficult to read the pace and distance in comparison to the 305. I’m probably going to order a new watch online so I better get used to this asap!

garmin 405

Once again this guy is not impressed with my running gear…

I think I should start a site with Vegas like http://mckaylaisnotimpressed.tumblr.com/vegas is not impressed

Ben had an appointment before work so he was hanging around when I got back from my run and documented the occasion… I’m wearing my shirt from the Holiday Half because it’s one of my favorite race shirts. prerun

Sure, I wear my holiday half shirt year ‘round but I think it’s so weird that Ben uses our holiday plates year ‘round too?!

Buuut, after he was done with his egg sandwich I grabbed his plate for my pancake. Hey, it prevented dirtying another dish!IMG_8079 (600x800)

September was Hispanic Heritage and Macy’s teamed up with Vanidades Magazine to highlight Carlos Santana as their 2012 icon of style.carlossantanaMacys

They are holding the following events to celebrate:

  • Saturday 10/6 1:00pm Plaza Bonita 3000 Plaza Bonita Road, National City, CA 91950
  • Saturday 10/6 2:00pm Lenox Square 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326
  • Thursday 10/10 5:30pm State Street 111 North State Street, Chicago IL 6060
  • Thursday 10/11 6:00pm Herald Square 151 West 34th Street NY, NY 10001 (he’ll be at this event!)
  • Saturday 10/13 1:00pm Santa Ana 2850 N. Main St, Santa Ana CA 92705
  • Saturday 10/13 2:00pm Dadeland 7303 SW 88th St. Miami, FL 33156
  • Saturday 10/13 2:00pm Valley Fair 2801 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050
You can get more info here – Macy’s Hispanic Heritage events 2012

And they are giving away this Santana fringe bag to one RER reader!

To Enter: Leave a comment with the color of you purse right now.

Open to residents of the US. Contest closes 10/5/2012 at 2pm PST.


  1. says

    Ummm, it’s sort of a buttery yellow color. Oh wait, like when people make homemade mayo. So like yellow but kind of beige too. Ugh, I should have just said black LOL

  2. says

    I have a Thirty-One purse, where you can change the outside of the purse without having to clean the whole thing out!

    Right now, I have the black and white herringbone print on, but I also have “pink giraffe” and “blue paisley” outsides. I may need a new one soon, though.

  3. Amanda says

    What a coincidence, my purse is black!!! 😉 I was just thinking I need a new black purse too! Great giveaway!

  4. Alex says

    My wife has too many purses, the one she’s using right now is white and black.

    What’s your favorite Santana song? I like Black Magic Woman

  5. tiffany says

    i’m in college so i basically just carry my backpack around with me all the time. but when i DO get all fancy, my purse is brown!

  6. Sally says

    My purse is brown! Wow I work right at Gerald square! Maybe I’ll get to see him from my office window on the 11th….

  7. Denise P. says

    Currently using one of my older ones that is teal.

    I thought I was going to say goodbye to my 305 during the summer when it acted up at a trail half but luckily it’s cooperated since. I did pick up a neato NB HRM with a gift certificate the other day so if need be ill use that in conjunction with map app before shelling out $300 for my next GPS.

  8. Enid says

    My purse a nice teal color. It’s pretty big and I carry anything you can think of in it…and I do mean anything ;-). I’d love to win the Santana fringe bag!!

  9. Denise says

    My purse right now is a metallic grey messenger style bag and it is fabulous!! Soon I will have to switch over to a more “winter” looking bag…..maybe Ill win the fringe bag? heres to hoping!!!!!!!

  10. Morgan says

    Love that purse! My current purse is a sort of iridescent pearly color….very pretty and practical, but I would love a super fun bag with fringe! 😉

  11. dana says

    color of my purse — brown… (although it was originally white and pink…but it is so freaking dirty and nasty that its now a nice shade of brown — gross I know)

  12. Denyne says

    Great purse. Love fringe, right now my purse is a zig zag of colors; reds, blues, greens, and yellow. Time for a change.

  13. Cara U says

    My purse is red right now.

    True story — I looked at this exact purse in Macy’s last Saturday and I loved it. I came close to buying it, but decided it might not be very practical and I’ve been regretting it ever since. Why in the world would I think fringe is not practical???

  14. Lindsay says

    Loving that bag! My purse right now is kind of boh with lots of multi colored looking quilt pieces sewn together. Not my usually look but I love this bag and get so many compliments on it!

  15. Jean says

    That is such a cute bag. Right now I still have my summer gold/pink wristlet. Looking into a fall/winter bag now.

  16. says

    I LOVE the black!! BTW, I like the smaller garmins, it takes a little while to get used to but I love it, smaller and more dainty (not that sweating and running for hours is dainty but still)

  17. J says

    I don’t ever win anything, but this purse is too cute to not try :) My current purse on rotation is a snakeskin print.

  18. Lena says

    Super cute purse! I alternate my purses frequently but right now I go back and forth between a black and a brown one. Not very exciting!

  19. Amanda says

    Just switched to my black winter purse today because it snowed in Denver (where I live) for the first time this season!

  20. Marija says

    I have a black Guess bag right now..definitely time for a replacement. Most of it looks good, til you look at the underside of the strap..it’s SO frayed, cracked, and beaten up..time for a new one that’s for sure!

  21. Jenny G says

    I am rocking a silver shimmery Coach bag currently because I am a child of the 70’s. I usually switch to a darker bag for fall/winter. I love the Carlos Santana bag. Thanks for the giveaway.

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