Fun Friday and Dove Self Esteem

Happy Friday!

Yesterday after work I had to pick up a prescription from Costco, but wasn’t sure what time the pharmacy closed. So, I went there grabbed the prescription. Then, I took a short 20 minute walk around the area to get some fresh air. image

Finally I went back inside to grab a few things (okay, a lot of things) and grabbed a few pieces of pizza for dinner. Did you know pizza is my favorite food after watermelon?! Ben didn’t know that. ?!?!?!image

Even though I stayed up till 11p last night (and had the hardest time falling asleep?) I did not eat anything after 8. But, I woke up hungry so I had a banana with SB before my 3 mile run. image

A reader sent me this video and I had to share. I have had to stop myself from dancing at a stop light before because a great song came on, so I totally get it.

And here’s another great PSA type message, this time it’s from Dove. Pass it on and love your body. Today I challenge you to give someone a compliment and use positive comments when talking about yourself. Lead by example Smile

It’s going to be HOT again for my last long run of my NYM training this weekend. This entire training cycle has been super super hot. From my super sweaty humid run in Florida to the crazy 15 in Long Beach I am over it.

Luckily, NY is supposed to be cooler, but I am shooting for a very strong, SMART long run this weekend (I’m emphasizing smart because I tend to go out too fast, and fall apart).

Question: What is your favorite food?

Last night I asked Ben what mine was and he didn’t know. I told him you guys would know it’s 1.) watermelon.

#2 is pizza!


  1. says

    Hmmm, I love food! That’s hard! Probably a toss up between sandwiches and tacos, but soup and salad aren’t far behind!

    And sometimes I dance and sing through long runs and rides. It keeps me sane.

  2. says

    I live and trained in Houston for the DC Marine Corps last year – all my runs were hot and humid, I get to DC and there is SNOW! I thought I was going to die but it was actually turned out well. Good luck to you and just be prepared!

  3. says

    Love a great playlist! I tend to listen to music almost all day long. At home, in the car, at the office. Both of my girls are that way, too. They would rather listen to music over watching TV any day.

    My favorite food? I love them all! If I had to pick? Probably apples right now.

  4. Tabatha Rhodes says

    My favorite food right now is the turkey, dressing and cranberry post Thanksgiving sandwich I’ve been dreaming about.

  5. Suzanne says

    It will be nice for NYM I’m sure. It’s better to train in those hot, humid runs and race in cold than the other way around! Just ask those Boston runners. :)
    My favorite foods are unranked:
    – guacamole
    – soft pretzels (Philadelphia, not Superpretzels)
    – salads with spring mix

  6. says

    Bananas are my favorite food. It’s a blessing…and a curse! I love positive self talk and always try to tell others how much they rock–especially women!

    • sue says

      Jade, Bananas are my husband’s fav food too! I’ve never heard of anybody else who LOVES bananas so much. He eats probably 3 or 4 a day!

  7. says

    It’s going to be 80 here today (so psyched) but I am sure it’ll cool significantly by the time you roll in. Mom’s lasagna is on top for me. Seriously the best. Which is why I have to get all this weight off my Christmas. So I can gain it all back eating that!

  8. says

    I am suprised pizza is your second favourite food, too, since it rarely appears on the blog!
    I’d have to say perogies, a good Caesar salad, and some kind of dessert depending on the season are my fave foods!
    Good luck on your last long run!

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    Combo Pizza from Costco is the best! But you have to buy it “by the slice” because then the top is extra brown from sitting under the heat lamps…it’s the little things. 😀

    Those Dove ads really get to me. My daughter is 14 and while she doesn’t suffer from negative body image (she’s blessed with her dad’s lean genes), I do work at a high school and see girls of all shapes and sizes. I pray each and every one feels as beautiful as they are.

    Thanks for spreading that lovely message! Good luck on your LR this weekend.

  10. Lisa says

    this is my favorite question to ask everyone and anyone! when i am out…i always ask. I just think its so interesting.

    Mine is seafood–mussels, tuna, crab! anything

  11. Taylor says

    I totally LOVE that video about making a playlist! It’s hilarious because that is exactly how I think/feel in my head when a good song comes on my Ipod.

  12. says

    Pizza, hands down. And every now and then my husband is all, “What should we have for dinner? Pizza, again? Really?” I swear, he doesn’t even know me. Jerk.

  13. says

    Haha, Costco is worse than Target- I *never* have walked out with just whatever is on my list… I love walking up and down the aisles, finding new items, and tasting the samples 😛 The worst is when the sample ladies are either a) not out yet or b) out of their samples [aka worthless hehe]!

  14. Tricia says

    I would have to go with watermelon also. I am an addict. That dove commercial made me tear up. That is such a good message. Love the diva video also!

  15. Amanda says

    Chipotle burrito bowls. Is that a food?

    I trained for a 15K all summer and I was DONE with heat by the time my race rolled around.

  16. says

    Favorite food is a tough one… During the year, its probably sweet potatoes, ( I Literally eat one EVERYDAY), but since its fall… its PUMPKIN ANYTHING, especially my dailly pumpkin oatmeal :)

  17. says

    Good luck in that heat! I am such a cold weather runner. the colder the better! (It’s a good thing I live in Boston)

    Favorite food? I have too many to decide on just one :/ So I’m going with roasted brussels sprouts, kombucha, Caesar salads topped with roasted turkey, and protein bars. I have a bit of a bar obsession haha

  18. Ida says

    it’s so hard to pick a favorite food! But I do love soft serve ice cream in a cone and buttered noodles with salt and pepper.

  19. Denise P. says

    It’s going to be like 20 degrees cooler than it was last weekend here in the Inland Valley this weekend. I am stoked about going out for bike rides/runs in the mid-80’s instead of low-100’s.

    Everytime California Girls by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg comes on my iPod during a run I have to throw my hands up and sing along to it “California girls were undeniable fine fresh fierce we got it on lock…daisy dukes, bikinis on top…”

    Favorite food would be the broad category of mexican food. I could eat it twice a day every day.

  20. says

    I cannot decide on a favorite food- I am indecisive and there are too many. I’ll go with ice cream cake (or good birthday cake + separate ice cream, actually that might be better) and soft pretzels.

    PS- I actually don’t like any of the birthday cake products (ice cream, now Jello pudding, froyo etc) for as much as I like birthday cake! I get it from my mom. She only does the REAL DEAL.

  21. says

    Okay I have to tell you that we need to be best friends for like 3 reasons. 1. I’m Mexican and its good to see someone with red hair and skin as white as mine. I am not a red head but my 2 sister are as we’ll and in beauty school my friends called me a mexicant because I didn’t look it it.
    2. Pizza is my favorite food
    3. Right behind watermelon.
    Seriously can we be friends now? Thanks :)

  22. says

    1. watermelon
    2. donuts

    I too am running NYM… I am trying to run 22 miles this Sunday… don’t know if I will get to 22… This will be my 7 marathon!

  23. says

    Everyone is fond of food especially Monica’s junk food like pizza & burger. But yes if one has keep himself fit & fine,he should keep following her lifestyle. Don’t follow her another way………it’ll worth it.

  24. sue says

    I used to say french fries and cheesecake were my favorites. But I can’t remember the last time I had either one. I did, however, just order a pizza!!!!!

  25. Sarah says

    Right now the weather in NYC is amazing for marathoning. Last Sunday I ran the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY and while I was afraid it would be too hot, the temperature was perfect. Chilly at first, very mild toward the end. You will have a great time!

    • Kristyn says

      Ooo, Sarah! I did, too, but I did the half. Agreed – the weather was perfect! I am not a heat runner at.all.

      Good luck to the NYC Marathoners….maybe I’ll do it one day. :)

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